Building Positive Teams & Union Awareness

Building Positive Teams and Union Awareness

When employees and managers have positive relationships, there is less chance that employees will seek union representation. However, long before an organization experiences union activity, managers need to establish management practices that foster open, positive communication with employees.

Online Training: Building Positive Teams and Union Awareness

This 20-minute interactive course is designed to help managers understand why employees turn to unions, common indicators that employees are considering unions and the positive management practices that keep lines of communication open with employees. Interactive knowledge checks and viewer email and tweets clarify key concepts and answer common questions.

The course covers:

  • Unions and the Law
  • Why Employees Choose Unions
  • What Managers Can Do
  • Spotting Union Activity

If you have already experienced union activity, you may want to consider our Responding to Union Activity course, which introduces managers to the legal and practical aspects of union activities and how to respond appropriately.

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