Business Skills Training Courses

A comprehensive suite to make your workforce excel

Training For Success

online training for business skillsSuccessful organizations understand that in order to get the most out of their workforce, managers and employees need to continuously work towards improving their skills and building new ones. By developing our skillset, we not only become more valuable contributors, but we also get the feeling of personal growth we need to feel fulfilled in our careers.

That’s why Traliant has partnered with Vado to offer Business Skills Training Courses for Managers and Individuals that cover nearly 300 topics, ranging from Communicating with Others to Conflict Management Skills to Recognizing Employees.

Bite-Sized Training

Training for these topics is done using bite-sized modules that are just a few minutes in length; a format that’s proven to be better for learner retention than traditional training formats. Each topic features exercises that learners apply on-the-job as they go, allowing learners to practice and improve their skills effectively.

The course topics for Managers and Employees are listed below. For a free trial or to access the full Course Catalog of all 280+ courses, fill out this form:  

Manager Courses

These courses are designed for supervisors, managers and leaders who are responsible for leading, coaching, and inspiring employee performance. They help build the skills needed to manage individual and team performance, engage and retain employees, as well as contribute to organization success.

Here are the course topics covered:

Course Topics for Managers# of Courses
Building Trust and Respect5 courses
Coaching Career Development6 courses
Communication Skills for Managers8 courses
Conflict Management Skills5 courses
Creating Great Teamwork5 courses
Customer Service Management8 courses
Delegating Work5 courses
Developing and Coaching Employees8 courses
Discussing Total Compensation5 courses
Giving Great Feedback5 courses
Increasing Employee Engagement8 courses
Leadership Essentials12 courses
Leading the Organizational Strategy8 courses
Management Essentials15 courses
Managing for Success12 courses
Meeting Management5 courses
Onboarding New Employees18 courses
Project Management for Managers18 courses
Providing Resources for Success8 courses
Recognizing Employees5 courses
Retaining Your Employees8 courses
Supervision Basics8 courses

Individual Courses

Whether a person is an individual contributor, project manager, or has supervisory responsibilities, these courses will help build the skills needed to increase personal performance, develop communication and team skills, as well as help individuals become contributing members of the organization long-term.

Here are the course topics covered:

Course Topics for Individuals# of Courses
Basic Business Skills10 courses
Become a Contributing Project Team Member9 courses
Building Your Career8 courses
Building Your Leadership Skills10 courses
Communicating with Others5 courses
Creating Great Work5 courses
Customer Service Basics7 courses
Developing for Success10 courses
Developing Work Relationships7 courses
Increasing Your Contribution at Work8 courses
Personal Behaviors and Conduct7 courses
Starting a New Job7 courses
You and Your Boss5 courses

For a free trial or for the full course catalog of our Business Skills Training Courses, fill out this form: