Protecting Information

Code of Conduct Training

Protecting Information

Series Overview

Description: This section discusses what employees need to know to protect personal and confidential information, safeguard physical and intellectual assets and comply with data privacy laws. Topics include practical tips for keeping passwords strong and secure and methods cybercriminals use to compromise systems and access confidential information.

Series Duration:  20 minutes

Series Intro: Enjoy this sample clip from the course.

Episode 1:  Information Security

Protecting information from hackers and malware starts with being aware of the various methods intruders use to illegally gain access to information systems. An interactive video shows what can happen when employees allow themselves to be tricked into divulging confidential information. The segment also includes best practices for maintaining safe and secure passwords.

Episode 2:  Confidential Information

This segment explores the need to treat customer data and employee information with care. Includes examples of personal and confidential information and guidelines for disclosing confidential information for legitimate purposes. 

Episode 3:  Data Privacy

This segment provides an overview of data privacy laws and guidelines for disclosing confidential information for legitimate purposes.

Episode 4:  Asset Protection

Protecting an organization’s assets and information is the responsibility of all employees. This segment covers the different types of assets and steps employees can take to safeguard their organization’s physical and intellectual assets and communications systems.

Course Overview

Traliant’s Code of Conduct training covers a wide array of ethics and compliance topics, allowing you to choose the content most relevant to your organization. Our in-house instructional design and eLearning experts built the course using the latest technology and techniques, such as bite-sized episodes that are loaded with interactive elements and a gamified point system that promotes active learning and knowledge retention.

Our modular platform is ideal for organizations looking for a dynamic Code of Conduct training program that is cost-effective and easy to customize, roll out and manage. If you’re ready to be proud of your organization’s Code of Conduct training, talk to us today!

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