Compare Traliant to Everfi, and Take Your Title IX & Compliance Training from Boring to Brilliant!

Learners are turned off by boring compliance training with corny examples. They don’t take them seriously which causes workplace problems to persist. Our training takes a fresh, comprehensive approach. We illustrate the purpose of each law through videos that feature relevant scenarios and make learning fun through gamification.

Traliant user review score
4.7 Star Average End User Rating

“Traliant’s Title IX courses are a refreshing addition to the world of online training. The courses for students, faculty and staff provide each audience with the important information they need to understand their rights, their resources and their responsibilities related to preventing and responding to sexual misconduct on their campuses. And it’s all done in a format that is highly engaging, interactive and even entertaining. Thorough, yet concise, the content is presented in easily digestible segments, with room to add important information related to your campus’ policies and procedures. And relatable scenarios and vignettes give people an opportunity to consider how incidents of sexual misconduct actually play out on a college campus, how they can be prevented, and effective ways to respond when incidents occur.”

– Kevin Webb, Training Manager, Office of Civil Rights & Sexual Misconduct, University of Maryland