Lawroom, Emtrain, Navex Global, and Skillsoft

Why are so many companies switching to Traliant's compliance training suite?

Navex Global vs. Traliant

Navex has been around for many years and has a close relationship with Littler Mendelson. Last we checked, they licensed each course on an individual basis, so if your organization needs three, four, or more courses, it can get very expensive. Our customers say their course list is confusing as they have nine courses all covering (and sometime overlapping) EEOC-enforced regulation, making it difficult to know which courses to assign to who and when. They do use video in their courses, but they don’t offer alternative endings and there is no engagement point system.

Emtrain vs. Traliant

Emtrain has been around for at least ten years. They are founded by lawyers and we have been told their courses are focused on ensuring people know the law. They also have video in their courses, but our understanding is they are not interactive ones. They do have an internal mechanism for asking questions and having Emtrain experts respond but we aren’t sure how they share that with their clients.

Lawroom vs. Traliant

Lawroom was recently sold to Everfi which has more of a focus in the higher education market than in corporate compliance, although it looks like the Lawroom people will remain focused on corporate compliance. Lawroom courses use silhouettes with narration as opposed to live-action video. You’ll have to judge for yourself if you think that is an effective teaching device.

Skillsoft vs. Traliant

Skillsoft is an enterprise compliance training solution that caters to big companies with big budgets. We’re told they have multiple implementation fees but none of those allow any custom course changes. They promote their courses as being ‘written by lawyers” so they still focus on teaching people about the law. Our understanding is there is no interactivity and anyone that achieves a passing score (70%?, 80%?) can complete the course. We think helping people get to 100% is a better way to go.

Why Traliant?

A completely different, modern approach to compliance training. We believe HR executives, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers are ready to leave boring compliance training for a better solution. Traliant courses offer:

    • End Users Love it – See what users at one of our client’s companies had to say about our training:
    • Fast, Simple, Cost-effective Customization – When the competition says, “sure we can customize,” they mean they can put in your logo and link to your policy. Traliant tailors courses to our client’s requirements by adding new material, editing existing material, or removing unwanted topics/episodes.
    • Interactive Video – No other vendor creates videos that have multiple endings where the learner gets to choose their own path. Where the rest of the industry is doing “show-and-tell,” Traliant is immersing learners in the experience.

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