Preventing Discrimination and Harassment – Industrial & Manufacturing Edition

Online Discrimination and Harassment Training for Industrial & Manufacturing Companies

This edition of Preventing Discrimination and Harassment is tailored to industrial and manufacturing companies, featuring videos, news stories, terminology and other content relevant to employees working in the industrial sector.

Employees on the production line work in a much different environment than those in the office.  While this doesn’t make production line employees any more or less susceptible to discrimination and harassment in the workplace, it makes it all the more important that training on preventing discrimination and harassment resonates with your workers. Traliant’s Industrial & Manufacturing edition does exactly this.  But don’t take our word for it, here’s what the employees at Superior Lithographics say about our training:

Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Training Course Versions

Our Preventing Discrimination and Harassment course is available in the following versions:

What Our Customers are Saying About Sexual Harassment Training

coburn-supply-company“I looked at so many different training modules they all run together! I chose Traliant because of their updated graphics and videos and the content was exactly what we were looking for. I loved the flow of the course and felt that it could keep our employees engaged.”

-Stacy Tompkins, Recruiting & Development Coordinator, Coburn Supply Company

Dandelion-Chocolate-Logo“A key aspect of our workforce strategy is to provide comprehensive training for every team member. With a workforce that is both multicultural and multigenerational, Dandelion spent extra time evaluating potential partners to provide training focused on preventing harassment and discrimination training in the workplace. With Traliant, Dandelion found a provider whose content appealed to our workplace, was the most relatable to our team members and was easy to deploy across multiple technology platforms and training methods.”

-Brad Johnson, People Operations, Dandelion Chocolate

New Leader logo“We had the pleasure of being one of Traliant’s first customers and the service was excellent from the start. Not only are the representatives easy to work with, the software and training content is robust. Traliant releases new seasons of training content each year, which helps keeps training updated and refreshed for our employees. This will be our fourth year of utilizing Traliant’s Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training and we’re excited to see what the new season will bring.”

-Miranda Hammes, HR Generalist, New Leader Manufacturing

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