Preventing Discrimination and Harassment – Municipal Edition

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RLUIPA Regulations and TrainingAre you looking for a course on Preventing Discrimination and Harassment that is customized to train individuals who work for a city, town, or municipality, and are therefore subject to the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA)?

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What’s In This Course?

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment (PDH) is important for any business or organization. This Municipal Edition course builds on our core PDH training adding extra material to address situations unique to cities, towns, and any municipality subject to RLUIPA.

It was developed in response to a Department of Justice settlement with a township on an RLUIPA issue. The settlement required the township’s staff, elected officials, and appointed members of its planning and zoning boards to undergo training on diversity and inclusion.

RLUIPA is a legal statute passed in 2000 that forbids any US government from implementing land use regulations that interfere with a person or group’s ability to practice their religion.  Municipalities that are found in violation of RLUIPA are frequently required to train their workers on RLUIPA regulations as a part of their penalty, but of course, cities and townships are better off training staff on RLUIPA before facing penalties.

After completing this course, your town, city, or municipality will: 
Fully understand the need to behave in a respectful manner
Gain a deeper understanding of acceptable behavior when interacting with people who look, dress, act, or sound different from the majority of community members
Reduce the risk of discriminatory conduct
Embrace diversity across the spectrum of stakeholders from applicants to ordinary citizens
Create a more inclusive environment
Understand how to comply with the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA).
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