Award Winning Online Compliance Training

Comprehensive, highly effective and engaging online compliance training suites in topics such as:
  • Preventing Discrimination and Harassment
  • Diversity, Sensitivity and Inclusion
  • HIPAA for Business Associates
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards PCI DSS
  • Americans With Disability Act ADA
  • And Many Others!
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  • 100% IDFPR compliant
  • Effective in more than 90% of cases
  • New season every year
  • Fast, simple & affordable customization

Some of Traliant’s Happy Customers:

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    Make your compliance training from boring to brilliant! Traliant’s interactive training helps organizations foster ethical behavior and a respectful and inclusive workplace culture. Our modern, behavior-based approach to eLearning goes beyond compliance laws, regulations and requirements to ensure employees and managers understand how to respond in actual workplace situations.

    Proven Effective: 90% of users say they are “likely or very likely” to use the skills and behaviors learned from our training courses. 

    Online Training Employees Experience: Mobile optimized, bite-sized episodes immerse learners in real-world video scenarios and challenges where they choose what happens next.

    Fully Customizable to Resonate with Employees: We can quickly customize content and images to reflect your organization’s branding and policies.

    Courses Are Compliant and Trusted Courses are continuously reviewed by in-house attorney’s and updated to ensure they remain compliant with the law and other workplace developments. Over 8,000 organizations entrust us with their compliance training. 

    Conveniently Track Progress Know at a glance which courses have achieved 100% completion and which employees need reminders to keep your training targets on track.