Take Your Compliance Training
from Boring to Brilliant

Creative, Flexible, Interactive Compliance Training

Interactive Training You Don’t Just Watch, You Experience

Our AB 1825 & AB 2053 training includes interactive videos, immersive interactions and integrated games that take compliance training to a whole new level.

Episode-Based, Broadcast Quality, Millennial Friendly

Our entertaining, TV-series format presented in five- to eight-minute episodes is familiar and appealing, especially to millennials. 

Compliance Training

We deliver quick, easy and cost-effective customization of text, graphics, audio and video, so your sexual harassment training resonates with your learners.

Why Traliant?

Great-looking, impactful, fully-customizable compliance training is the heart of our vision.

We know from experience that learners are turned off by boring videos, irrelevant interactions and memorizing laws. Our training starts with the laws but goes beyond by teaching people how to behave toward others, and teaching how they can expect to be treated in return.

Here are a few of the types of compliance training solutions we offer:
Compliance Certification Courses
Online Compliance Training
Corporate Compliance Solutions
Regulatory Compliance Training Programs
Discrimination Training

Harassment Training
EEOC Compliance

EEOC Training
Employee Sensitivity Training
Workplace Harassment Training
Online Sexual Harassment Training

California AB 1825 Training
California AB 2053 Training
Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace
Preventing Workplace Harassment

We provide a formula for success by providing an appealing training regimen with a custom executive introduction, motion graphics and on-screen hosts.

Episode-Based, Bite-Size Training
Customized Training Resonates
Millennial-Friendly Design
Beyond Memorizing Laws
Life Made Easy
A Formula for Success

Traliant brings together compliance experts, eLearning veterans and artistic talent to provide a fresh approach to compliance training.

We’ve seen it all—the good, the bad and, especially, the ugly. Backed by Martinson Ventures, Traliant’s mission is to deliver broadcast-quality compliance training engineered to provide fast and cost-effective customization…and to deliver AB 1825 and AB 2053 training at off-the-shelf prices.


Feeling proud instead of anxious when you roll out your compliance training.


Learners becoming immersed in interactive videos and getting excited about earning points while striving to excel.


Experiencing fully-customized discrimination and sexual harassment training at off-the-shelf pricing.

Let Traliant transform your compliance training
from boring to brilliant.