Interviewing and Hiring Lawfully

Individuals from diverse teams build dynamic teams. Help your teams navigate the interview process without the interference of discrimination to find the best talent for your business.

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    Win the best candidates and build a successful team by empowering your employees to conduct fair and balanced interviews.

    The course covers a variety of topics, including:

    • What questions to ask in an interview and which to avoid
    • How seemingly ordinary questions may raise discrimination concerns
    • How to prepare for an interview
    • How to ensure a fair and consistent hiring process
    • Note taking and recordkeeping

    Interviewing and Hiring Lawfully

    Employers who fail to train employees on lawful interviewing and hiring risk legal liability. U.S. Supreme Court cases make clear that employers should train their employees how to avoid discrimination in the hiring process. Moreover, an employer’s failure to provide training on lawful hiring has been held to be “reckless indifference” such that damages to punish the employer should be awarded.

    All human resource professionals, supervisors, and managers should be required to take this training. In addition, any non-supervisory employee who is asked to interview an applicant or otherwise participate in the hiring process should be required to take this course.

    Online Training

    Interviewing and Hiring Lawfully

    Traliant’s Interviewing and Hiring Lawfully training is a 30-minute course that teaches practical skills for lawfully and effectively interviewing applicants for hire or promotion. Course users learn how to interview effectively, avoid unlawful questions or comments during an interview and select the best candidate.

    This course is part of the Managing Within the Law Certification Program which gives managers the practical information they need to comply with the complex web of employment laws. This program consists of the following self-paced online courses:

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    Interview compliance protects your business against risk but also creates an environment of fairness and equity that helps you stand out in a competitive hiring landscape.

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