High-Quality Compliance Training Founded By Industry Veterans

Traliant was founded by industry veterans and former executives from some of the most successful compliance training companies in the nation. Throughout their tenures, they’ve seen it all—the good, the bad and, especially, the ugly.

Backed by Martinson Ventures, Traliant’s mission is to deliver broadcast-quality compliance training, built from the ground up on an eLearning platform that allows revolutionary text and video customization—all at off-the-shelf prices.



Traliant’s lead investor is Martinson Ventures, which is headed by the storied venture capitalist and founder of Edison Partners, John Martinson. Traliant is one of Martinson Ventures’ 30 early-stage investments in entrepreneurial software companies.

With more than 37 years of venture capital experience, John Martinson has served as a director of more than 50 companies. Over the years he has received numerous awards from professional organizations and institutions of higher learning recognizing his service, leadership and achievements.

Edison Partners has raised over $1 billion in capital since 1986, invested in more than 200 growth businesses, and has exited more than 155 companies.