Unconscious Bias Training in the Workplace

Unconscious bias affects decisions and can inadvertently lead to ignoring individuals and their opinions. Enable your employees to tackle their blind spots and encourage inclusive thinking to help create respectful teams.

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    Through awareness and reflection, employees learn to assess and shape their behavior and broaden their mindset, ensuring an empathetic workplace that is welcoming of diverse viewpoints and ideas.

    Employees and managers learn the following:

    • What is unconscious bias?
    • Types of Unconscious Bias
    • Unconscious Bias and the Workplace
    • Interrupting Bias in the Workplace
    • Recruiting and Hiring (Manager Version)
    • Assignments, Performance Assessments, and Promotions (Manager Version)
    • Diversity and Inclusion Benefits
    • Policy Review

    What is Unconscious Bias?

    Unconscious biases are stereotypes or assumptions that a person makes about a certain group of individuals outside of their own conscious awareness. Unconscious biases can include all types of bias, like gender bias, racial bias, LGBTQ bias, age bias, disability bias, religious bias, and over 150 more types of unconscious bias.

    Researchers have found that diverse workplaces boost employee morale, increase customer satisfaction, improve workplace culture, and improve profit margins.  Promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment, however, requires more than just eliminating intentional acts of harassment and discrimination.  Instead, we must also attempt to understand how unconscious bias and implicit bias can impact the decisions we make and our interactions with others in the workplace.

    Unconscious bias happens when people make decisions that are implicitly based upon the characteristics of another without even realizing or intending to do so. When unconscious bias occurs in the workplace, employers are at risk from a legal and human resources standpoint. Effective inclusion training can help employees understand that unconscious biases exist and help them take steps to reduce the likelihood that such biases will impact their decisions and interactions with others in the workplace. An inclusion training course can provide employees with practical guidance and help foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.

    Online Training

    Unconscious Bias

    Traliant’s Unconscious Bias: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a 30-minute interactive online training that goes beyond detailing the benefits of an inclusive workplace to focus on practical steps employees can take to create a more positive workplace. Specifically, the course challenges learners to explore the nuances of unconscious, implicit biases, and how our own biases can impact our judgments and decisions about others at work.

    A 40-minute manager version is also available that includes the same content plus additional modules on Recruiting & Hiring and Assignments, Performance Assessments, and Promotions.

    The Traliant Difference

    Proven effective training

    Traliant creates modern, interactive training courses to help organizations meet the challenges of today’s workplace. While employees are unaware of their unconscious beliefs, implicit bias can trigger discriminatory behaviors that pose a liability for your company. Having your workforce participate in unconscious bias training raises self-awareness surrounding prejudiced attitudes, which can result in a more inclusive culture.

    Compliance Expert

    Compliance Expertise

    Benefit from compliance training backed by Traliant’s dedicated in-house legal team. They continuously maintain and update our online, unconscious bias training across all jurisdictions, ensuring your organization remains compliant with evolving regulations.

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    Engaging Course Content

    Engaging and Accessible Courses

    Adhere to a high standard of accessibility while captivating employees with interactive games and a story-based approach, ensuring that your unconscious bias training in the workplace is not only memorable but also inclusive and resonates with all.

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    custom courses

    Tailored Experience

    Customize your unconscious bias course quickly and efficiently to reflect your brand, relevant policies, and even your company’s distinct work environment, creating a custom learning experience unique to your business.

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    Enter the room with an open mind. Encourage employees to be conscious of their thinking in every encounter to create an empathetic workplace that is welcoming of new ideas, improving productivity and advancing innovation.