Active Shooter Training Courses for Businesses

Elevate your organization’s emergency plan by preparing your employees for unforeseen circumstances and ensuring the safety of every individual in your workforce.

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    Equipped with knowledge and composure, your employees will know how to recognize and respond to dangerous situations while ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

    The Active Shooter Response Training Course covers:

    • Concepts endorsed by the US Department of Homeland Security
    • Behaviors that may indicate potential violence
    • Types of active shooter situations
    • Preparing and responding to an active shooter situation
    • Situational awareness
    • Role of managers
    • Role of law enforcement and how to respond
    • Reporting suspicions to HR

    Active Shooter Response Training

    Active shooter training is one of several proactive steps organizations can take to prepare employees and managers to respond appropriately to an active shooter incident. While the likelihood of an active shooter event is rare, all employees should know how to recognize the signs of potential violence and what their role is during an active shooter situation.


    Active shooter training strengthens and reinforces an organization’s emergency action plan and can help reduce the risk of an incident occurring.

    Online Training

    Active Shooter Response

    Active Shooter Response is a 20-minute, stand-alone course that teaches employees how to prepare for and respond appropriately to an active shooter incident at work. Newscaster commentary and interactive assessments and exercises reinforce the importance of being familiar with different types of situations and various ways to respond. The course is mobile-optimized and accessible on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

    The Traliant difference

    Traliant is dedicated to helping organizations create safe, respectful workplaces. Traliant’s Active Shooter Response training course is designed to raise employee awareness of the signs of possible violence and provide insights and practical steps for responding appropriately to an active shooter event.

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    Opening up a conversation about unwanted scenarios helps your employees be better prepared, gain confidence, and stay calm to manage unforeseen hazardous situations.

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