Workplace Violence Prevention

Preventing workplace violence is the responsibility of all organizations, regardless of the industry or work environment. Awareness and preparation are key to preventing violence in the workplace and maintaining a safe and respectful work culture.

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    Training Compliance

    By July 1, 2024, California employers must implement a compliant plan and provide the first round of annual training.

    Through a series of interactive scenarios, employees learn about the following topics:

    Recognizing Workplace Violence

    • Domestic violence and how it affects the workplace
    • Knowing when an employee is more likely to become a victim of violence at work
    • Recognizing when a coworker has made a threat
    • Risk factors and warning signs that a coworker may become violent at work

    Reporting Workplace Violence

    • Organizational policies on workplace violence
    • How to report concerns about a coworker’s behavior

    Dealing with Potential or Actual Workplace Violence

    • How Employees Can Protect Themselves and Others if Workplace Violence Happens
    • Using De-Escalation Techniques to Defuse Potentially Violent Situations

    Workplace Violence Prevention Training

    Workplace violence can be defined as “any act of violence or threat of violence that occurs in a place of employment.” It includes the threat or use of physical force or any weapon, against an employee that results in, or has a high likelihood of resulting in, injury, psychological trauma, or stress. The perpetrators of violence in the workplace are varied. They can be employees, former employees, clients, customers, or people who have or had a personal relationship with an employee. A perpetrator could also be a person who has no legitimate business at the workplace and is there with the intent to commit a crime.

    Regardless of who the perpetrator is, workplace violence is a major threat to employees in the United States. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that two million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year. In fact, homicide is one of the leading causes of job-related deaths in the United States. These statistics highlight the need for employers to protect their employees.

    Moreover, employers have affirmative duties to provide employees a safe workplace. Under OSHA’s General Duty Clause, employers are legally required to provide employees with “employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.” OSHA has made clear that workplace violence can constitute such a hazard, and employers can face enforcement action for failing to take reasonable steps to prevent it. States are also increasingly considering or adopting measures that require workplace violence prevention programs. In 2017, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) adopted regulations that require employers in the healthcare sector to implement workplace violence prevention plans, provide annual workplace violence prevention training to employees and keep a log of violent incidents. In September 2023, California went a step further, by enacting Section 6401.9 of the California Labor Code. That law requires virtually all employers to put in place a workplace violence prevention plan, provide annual employee training and maintain a violent incident log. For employers nationwide, workplace violence prevention training is an essential part of any workplace violence prevention program.

    Online Training

    Workplace Violence Prevention

    Traliant’s Workplace Violence Prevention is a 30-minute training that teaches employees how to recognize warning signs and risk factors for workplace violence, what to do if workplace violence concerns arise, and how to protect themselves in a workplace violence incident. We also offer a version that complies with California regulations (will require customization). Our team of experts can consult to ensure it aligns with your needs and meets any required regulations. Additional fees may apply.

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