Traliant recognizes and honors the exceptional efforts of individuals dedicated to advancing compliance education. We applaud these trailblazers for tackling today's compliance challenges and surpassing ordinary standards. 

What is the Compliance Champion Award? 

Traliant’s Compliance Champion Award is a prestigious recognition that celebrates individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication in promoting compliance within their organization. Nominees for this award exemplify a commitment to upholding ethical standards and regulatory compliance. One outstanding finalist is selected as the award winner, for their pivotal role in cultivating a culture of compliance within their organization and embodying an unwavering dedication to regulatory adherence by their actions. 

Congratulations to 2024 award winner and finalists! 

We congratulate the following nominees and winner of the 2024 Compliance Champion Award for their dedication and hard work to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and regulatory compliance. 

“The Compliance Champion Award celebrates the dedication of individuals who have made significant contributions to promoting a culture of compliance and integrity within their organizations,” said Michael Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer at Traliant. “On behalf of Traliant, I’d like to congratulate Mike Waldron and our entire inaugural class of finalists for upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and regulatory compliance.” 
Mike Waldron

Mike Waldron is Vice President of Talent & Inclusion at Varsity Brands. He has been at the forefront of implementing a diverse array of crucial training programs, including Preventing Sexual Harassment, Active Shooter Response, Anti-Trust, Bystander Intervention and HIPAA compliance. His proactive and comprehensive approach ensures that every employee is equipped with the knowledge and skills to uphold their highest standards of compliance and ethical behavior, making him a deserving recipient of the Traliant Compliance Champion Award. Mike’s ability to provide training programs that meet specific needs has made a profound impact, ensuring that compliance is not just a requirement, but a core value embraced by all.

“Working with Mike Waldron of Varsity Brands has been an absolute pleasure. Mike’s exceptional dedication ensures that Varsity Brands consistently remains in compliance. He is always in tune with what needs to be in place annually. His commitment and responsiveness make working with him a truly positive experience.”
─ Dave Faby, Customer Success Manager, Traliant
Gwen Bohlender

Gwen Bohlender, Senior Director of Human Resources at Smashburger, has truly excelled in her role, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the development and well-being of Smashburger employees. Gwen has been instrumental in the implementation of a comprehensive library of compliance training courses, ensuring that every member of the Smashburger team is well-informed and up to date with essential regulations and best practices.

“I’ve been partnering closely with Gwen since 2018, and in that time, she has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to simplify and streamline the planning and rollout of content. Her meticulous attention to detail has ensured smooth and effective implementation of training initiatives. Her positive attitude and dedication to excellence make her an absolute pleasure to work with.”
─ Lee Goldberg, Customer Success Manager, Traliant
Caroline Brown

Caroline Brown is Senior Manager of Learning, Talent & Culture at Sigma Defense Systems LLC. She has led the charge in developing and implementing a robust compliance training program for all employees at Sigma Defense Systems. This comprehensive training initiative has cultivated an environment of continuous improvement and vigilance.​ Under Caroline's leadership, compliance training has taken an innovative approach with content ensured to keep employees engaged, informed, and prepared to uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability.​

“I nominated Caroline because she is fantastic to work with. From the very first email exchange, she exuded positive energy and was genuinely excited to get new training out to her team. She’s made our time working together effortless and is a person I look forward to hearing from and assisting.” 
─ Aidin Severino, Customer Services Representative, Traliant 
Bernadette Commissa

Bernadette Commissa is Director of Human Resources & Learning at Barnes & Noble. She has been at the forefront of implementing critical training programs focused on Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bystander Intervention. Her proactive approach and dedication to these initiatives have ensured that all employees are educated and empowered to maintain a workplace where everyone feels safe and valued. Through Bernadette's efforts, these training programs have not only increased awareness and understanding of these vital issues but have also fostered a culture of respect and accountability within her organization. ​

“Bernadette was the very first person that immediately came to mind when asked to nominate. Bernadette is a kind and caring client who is extremely dedicated to training her organization effectively. I communicate with Bernadette often, and she never fails to ask good questions that result in great solutions for her team. I enjoy working with Bernadette. The conversations we’ve had not only build value for Barnes and Noble, but for us as an organization to always strive higher to deliver the best solutions.” 
– Ron Gallegos, Customer Success Manager, Traliant 
Alexa Cordell

Alexa Cordell is Senior Manager, Learning Technology at EDF Renewables. She has led the implementation of a diverse array of training initiatives, including Preventing Sexual Harassment, Interviewing & Hiring Lawfully, Active Shooter Response, and the Code of Conduct. Her efforts have ensured that every employee is not only compliant with critical regulations but also prepared to handle challenging situations with confidence and integrity.​

“From the first day I connected with Alexa nearly two years ago, she has been incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with. With her unmatched knowledge and attention to detail, Alexa always asks the right questions throughout the entire process, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that their learners have a great experience. Alexa has truly been an invaluable partner!” 
─ Katie Heil, Senior Account Executive, Traliant 
Francesca Falco

As Senior Director of Talent Management for an entertainment services company, Francesca Falco has championed the implementation of a comprehensive Preventing Sexual Harassment training program. Her initiative has been pivotal in educating her organization’s workforce on the critical importance of creating and maintaining a harassment-free workplace.  Through her efforts, employees are not only informed about the nuances of sexual harassment but are also empowered to act as advocates for a respectful and inclusive workplace.​

“It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Francesca, to meet the urgency of getting training rolled out to their learners. Francesca was willing to escalate everything on her side to make sure I had everything I needed to meet the deadline. Francesca’s responsiveness helped me to ensure that her organization’s needs were met. And I always appreciated her gratitude and thanks to the Traliant team.”   
─ Bernadette Ross, Client Services Representative, Traliant 
JT Mitchell

JT Mitchell is the former Head of Employee Experience at PetCo. She spearheaded the implementation of a comprehensive Preventing Sexual Harassment training program, complemented by a series of custom courses uniquely designed to address PetCo’s specific needs. Her creative and tailored approach ensured the company’s training is not only informative but also highly relevant and engaging for all employees.​ JT's efforts have gone beyond merely meeting compliance requirements. By customizing courses to reflect the unique aspects of her work environment, she created a training program that resonates deeply with employees to proactively build and maintain a harassment-free workplace.​

“When speaking with JT about best practices and her training initiatives, it’s easy to see how dedicated she has been to Petco employees and ensuring they have training that truly resonates with their unique needs. With her knowledge and passion, she strives to create a positive culture in the workplace, going beyond compliance. Not only is JT’s dedication uplifting, but she’s also always such a joy to speak with!” 
─ Katie Heil, Senior Account Executive, Traliant 
Guadalupe Morales

As HR Business Partner for a retail company, Guadalupe Morales worked with Traliant to develop a custom library of compliance training courses tailored specifically to her organizational needs. Her thoughtful and strategic approach ensures that all employees receive relevant, engaging, and effective training, reinforcing the importance of compliance across all levels of our organization.​ Beyond her internal contributions, Guadalupe has extended her expertise to the broader compliance community by serving on the Traliant Compliance Advisory Board. In this capacity, she has provided critical feedback and insights, helping to refine and enhance Traliant’s compliance solutions.​ 

“Guadalupe is always willing to provide feedback to help create the best compliance training program to meet her organization’s unique needs. As a key member of Traliant’s Compliance Advisory Board last year, she generously shared her experience, offering valuable advice and strategies for addressing training challenges. Her collaborative spirit and dedication make her an invaluable asset to her organization.” 
─ Tina Grabinski, Director, Customer experience, Traliant 
Husain Umrethwala 

Husain Umrethwala is Managing Director of Compliance at Havas. He has been instrumental in implementing a comprehensive suite of compliance training courses. His strategic vision and meticulous execution have ensured that Havas employees are well-versed in the critical aspects of compliance, empowering them to uphold the highest standards in their daily operations. ​ Husain’s dedication to continuous improvement and his ability to choose training materials that address emerging compliance issues has ensured that employees at his organization are safer, more respectful toward each other and well-informed.​

“Husain and the Havas team have been working with Traliant for five years for their training needs. Throughout this time, Husain is always ensuring each employee at Havas understands the importance of compliance training as well as providing additional management training to promote an engaging workplace. Husain is always so friendly and positive to work with and pays great attention to detail! Havas is lucky to have an asset like Husain, vetting and making sure the training they provide to employees are to the highest standard.” 
─ Brooke Press, Customer Success Manager, Traliant 
─ Samantha Turk, Client Services Team Lead, Traliant