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Can Sexual Harassment Training Come of Age?

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can sexual harassment training come of age?Morgan Mercer tightens the straps on my virtual reality headset, and moments later I’m transported from the basement of a Silicon Valley startup incubator to a modern, nondescript industrial office with high concrete ceilings and glass walls. My invisible avatar, like the Ghost of Yet-to-Come, stands in the middle of the room, among four white-collar employees—three men and a lone woman seated on a couch rifling through paperwork.

It’s clear the man posted behind the desk, vaguely older than the rest, is at the top of the hierarchal totem. He casually migrates from his mahogany throne to sit on the coffee table across from his female subordinate, leaning over as he praises her recent contributions to the team. The two other coworkers exchange glances only to return their gazes downward to the task at hand. Back in San Mateo, I’m suddenly warm and unwrap my scarf.

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Traliant to Demonstrate Sexual Harassment Training at NYC SHRM 2018 Conference

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NEW YORK, NY, April 17, 2018 − Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training for today’s workforce, will be participating in the New York City SHRM Conference, on Friday, April 27, at the Convene Conference Center.   

Traliant is one of the sponsors of the HR Solutions Gallery at the NYC SHRM, where attendees can see a demonstration of its Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training. Traliant offers HR practitioners and their organizations a new model of anti-harassment training designed to drive positive behavior and foster respect in the workplace, rather than simply teaching laws and regulations that employees may not find relevant in their daily interactions. Read On

Manhattan Beach-Based Traliant Trains on Sexual Harassment Prevention

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traliant sexual harassment trainingSince the Harvey Weinstein revelations and the birth of the #MeToo movement, the need for sexual harassment training in California businesses has taken on new urgency.

A Manhattan Beach company is helping to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace with high-quality video training. Andrew Rawson, chief learning officer and co-founder of Traliant, is on a mission: to “take your compliance training from boring to brilliant.”

Companies with more than 50 employees are required to train its managers in sexual harassment prevention every two years, according to Rawson. Many businesses, he said, are busy and haven’t always met those deadlines.

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Demand for Anti-Harassment Training Videos Surges in #MeToo Era

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#metoo anti-harassment trainingThe scene, filmed inside a Manhattan coffee shop, is a classic of the genre. A male boss, clad in khakis with a laptop bag slung over his shoulder, tells his younger female employee she’s up for a promotion. Then her smile quickly fades.

The woman “looks fantastic in that outfit,” her superior says, suggesting they go back to his hotel room so “you can show me how much you want that manager position.” As the cameras roll, she storms out of the coffee shop on her way to contact human resources.

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Traliant to Demonstrate Anti-Harassment Training at the 2018 HR in Hospitality Conference in Las Vegas

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MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, March 2, 2018 – Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training for a modern workforce, will be demonstrating its anti-harassment training for the hospitality industry at the HR in Hospitality Conference & Expo, March 5-7, at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Traliant will be exhibiting in booth #405.

“We understand the unique challenges facing HR professionals in the hospitality industry – especially when it comes to preventing sexual harassment, and other forms of harassment and discrimination,” said Mike Pallatta, CEO of Traliant. “We look forward to sharing ideas with attendees and demonstrating the benefits of training tailored to their industry and diverse workforce.”   Read On

Traliant Announces Appointments To Leadership Team

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Company Appoints Jeffrey Frankel as Vice President of Marketing and Steven Palazzola as Director of Engineering

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, February 6, 2018  Traliant, the market innovator in online compliance training, today announced two key appointments to its leadership team to support the company’s rapid growth. Jeffrey Frankel joins Traliant as Vice President of Marketing, and Steve Palazzola joins as Director of Engineering.

Adding these two executive positions reflects the strong customer demand for Traliant’s modern approach to compliance training that focuses on changing behaviors and attitudes, rather than memorizing laws and avoiding liability. Read On

Traliant Announces New Compliance Training LMS Leaderboard

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First to enable organizations to measure and improve employee engagement

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, January 11, 2018 Traliant, a provider of interactive, online compliance training for the modern workforce, today announced the availability of a new LMS leaderboard designed to measure and increase employee engagement and completion rates, and improve the overall compliance training experience.

Leaderboards, point systems and other gamification elements help solve the problem of boring compliance training, while giving organizations more tools and data to boost employee motivation and participation, and change behavior and attitudes about ethical workplace conduct.   Read On

Sexual Harassment Training Gets a Revamp

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sexual harassment training gets a revampHR experts say recent scandals suggest that training has focused too much on the letter of the law instead of actually addressing the problem

Teri Barros recently rewrote the sexual-harassment training program she uses at her company to add some colorful examples. She didn’t have to look very far.

She ticks off several big names in entertainment, politics and media whose alleged sexual misconduct was an open secret among their co-workers for years. The lesson, she tells her colleagues at Pyrotek, a Spokane, Wash., manufacturing and engineering company: If you know that a co-worker is guilty of sexual harassment, you need to speak up, no matter how powerful the perp…

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Traliant Announces Continued New Customer Growth and New Compliance Training Courses

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MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, October 26, 2017 – Traliant, a provider of online compliance training for the modern workforce, today announced significant new customer growth, along with new training courses and an expanded sales team.  

The growing customer base for Traliant’s interactive, ethics and compliance training spans a wide range of industries and sectors, including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, government and financial services. Read On

Traliant Announces New Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Training

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Interactive FCPA training for organizations operating globally

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, August 23, 2017 – Traliant, a provider of interactive, online compliance training for the modern workforce, today announced the availability of a new Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption training course for employees of organizations doing business outside of the US.  

With a more globalized business environment comes an increased threat of bribery and corruption that can result in costly legal, financial and reputational damage. It is not uncommon for companies to pay millions in penalties for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other anti-bribery laws. Read On

Traliant Announces New LMS App for Compliance Training Managers

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Allows Managers to Quickly and Easily Follow Up on Past-Due Compliance Training Assignments

lms managers app for compliance training

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, August 10, 2017 – Traliant, a provider of interactive, online compliance training for the modern workforce, today announced the availability of a new LMS (learning management system) app that gives managers on-the-go ability to drive on-time completion of their organization’s compliance-training activities from any smartphone or tablet. Most significantly, HR executives, Chief Compliance Officers and General Counsels can now enlist departmental managers to follow up quickly and easily on past-due compliance training.

Traliant’s LMS App for Managers leads the industry in enabling training managers and administrators to assign courses, monitor employees’ progress, view future training demand and more – all from the convenience of their iOS or Android devices. Read On

Traliant Announces New Code of Conduct Training

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Modular, customizable compliance training for modern learners

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, July 13, 2017 – Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training, today announced a new Code of Conduct training course that uses the power of interactive videos and gamification to help organizations promote a culture of compliance and educate employees on key ethics and compliance issues.

“Organizations spend millions each year to settle ethics and compliance violations, so it’s essential that their code of conduct training is up to date and relevant to a digital workforce,” said Mike Pallatta, Traliant’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our new Code of Conduct training enables organizations to communicate their principles, policies and expectations for dealing with specific risk areas in a way that is interactive, relatable and visually dynamic.” Read On

Traliant Announces Strong Growth and New Customer Momentum with Compliance Training Courses

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MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, June 22, 2017 – Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training, today announced solid growth and momentum in signing new customers and expanding its training offerings. Since launching its Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Training Suite in December, 2016, Traliant has signed nearly 100 new customers, representing a wide range of industries and sectors.

Organizations such as Orlando Health, INSYS Group, Inc., Philadelphia Museum of Art, VARIDESK, Viceroy Hotels, Phillips Manufacturing, InCube Labs, Skyrocket Toys and NewcrestImage have chosen Traliant to provide compliance training to their employees, managers and partners. Read On

Orlando Health Selects Traliant to Train 18,000 Employees on Preventing Discrimination and Harassment

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MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, June 7, 2017 – Orlando Health is central Florida’s’ premier healthcare provider with 18,000 team members that span a broad range of backgrounds, education, and languages.  With such a diverse team, getting their sexual harassment and discrimination training right is core to their mission.  This is why last month Orlando Health chose Traliant to supply their Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training for the next three years. Read On

Interactyx and Traliant Announce Partnership To Deliver Online Sexual Harassment Training via TOPYX LMS

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BONITA SPRINGS, FL, April 27, 2017 – Interactyx, the developer of TOPYX®, a leading learning management system (LMS), and Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training, today announced a partnership to integrate workplace discrimination and harassment training into the TOPYX learning management platform.

Under the agreement, TOPYX clients can now benefit from a tightly integrated solution that combines the award-winning TOPYX LMS with Traliant’s Preventing Discrimination and Harassment Training Suite. Read On

Traliant Joins Compliance & Ethics Leaders at 2017 Global Ethics Summit in NYC, March 15-16

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NEW YORK, NY, March 10, 2017 – Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training, will be participating in the 9th Annual Global Ethics Summit, hosted by the Ethisphere Institute, March 15-16, in New York City. Traliant is a partner organization of this year’s Summit.

Mike Pallatta, Traliant’s Chief Executive Officer, and Andrew Rawson, Traliant’s Chief Marketing Officer, join CEOs, board members, compliance and ethics leaders and senior executives from over 200 companies and organizations at the two-day event.   Read On

Traliant Announces Instructor-Led Compliance Training

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Bringing the benefits of interactive video to the classroom experience

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, March 9, 2017  – Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training, today announced the release of a new instructor-led training (ILT) program to complement its Preventing Discrimination & Harassment suite of online courses. Read On

Meet With Traliant at the PIHRA South Bay Meeting, March 9

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MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, March 3, 2017 – PRLog:  Andrew Rawson, Chief Marketing Officer of Traliant, an innovator in interactive online compliance training, will be attending the Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) South Bay meeting, on March 9, at the Ayres Hotel, in Hawthorne, CA. Traliant is event sponsor. Read On

Compliance Training Veteran, Anil D’Souza, Joins Traliant Team

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MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, February 1, 2017 – Traliant, a leader in interactive online compliance training, announced today that Anil D’Souza has joined its team as VP, Learning.  Over the past 20 years D’Souza has instructionally authored over 800 learner hours of blended learning programs, focusing primarily on ethics and regulatory compliance topics.  He has designed programs for a variety of progressive, international organizations including such firms as JPMorgan Chase, Standard Chartered Bank and General Electric. Prior to joining Traliant, he was the Director of Products, Quality and Innovation in the compliance learning division of Thomson Reuters. Read On