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A Fresh Approach to Workplace Online Compliance Training

Gamified, Modern, Interactive Courses

Learners are engaged by courses with interactive videos, relevant scenarios, integrated games, and rewards.

Bite-Sized Episodes

All generations will enjoy the familiar TV-series format that uses five to eight-minute broadcast-quality episodes.

Fully-Customizable Training

You can easily and cost-effectively customize the text, graphics, audio, and video in our courses to suit your organization.

Why Traliant?

Because Compliance Training Doesn't Have to be Boring

Learners are turned off by boring compliance training with corny examples. They don’t take them seriously which causes workplace problems to persist. Our training takes a fresh, comprehensive approach. We illustrate the purpose of each law through videos that feature relevant scenarios and make learning fun through gamification.

Traliant user review score
4.7 Star Average End User Rating

“Such a welcome change to the training industry, the format is engaging and people enjoyed the experience.  Nothing but kudos to Traliant. Our employees completed the training and enjoyed competing for the highest scores at the same time.  The quality of the video is fantastic, clean and polished. The format allows to watch at your own pace and It delivered the content in a way that did not feel tedious.”

-Sandra DeWitt, HR Associate, American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Traliant Courses

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment

A healthy workplace is one that is free of bullying, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. We offer three courses to thoroughly train managers, employees, and managers in California/Connecticut on these topics and to ensure companies are compliant with FEHA, EEOCCA AB 1825, CA AB 2053, CA SB 400, and CT CHRO Act regulations. You can also facilitate these courses offline with the Classroom Training and DVD versions.

Code of Conduct

Communicate the importance of ethical behavior to your organization with our Code of Conduct training. You can customize it with messages from your executives, images from your company, segments you want to include, and more.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Ensure your employees (and suppliers!) understand the requirements of the Department of Justice when it comes to FCPA regulations and investigations. Further, train them on avoiding behavior that could be misinterpreted by others.

Custom Compliance Training

Need something beyond what our courses offer? Contact us about a custom solution for your organization. We can enhance your existing training or can create a completely new program tailored to your needs.

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Traliant is a team of compliance experts, eLearning veterans, and artistic talent working together to provide a fresh approach to compliance training.

When it comes to compliance training, we’ve seen it all—the good, the bad and, especially, the ugly. Backed by Martinson Ventures, Our mission is to deliver broadcast-quality, customizable compliance training that engages learners and improves workplace environments.

When You Choose Traliant...

Online compliance training designed for a diverse, mobile workforce


Learners will truly understand workplace behavior laws


Your company will be compliant with relevant regulations


You can feel proud instead of anxious when you roll out compliance training.

Traliant Transforms Compliance Training from Boring to Brilliant