Online ADA Compliance Training

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    Traliant’s  Americans with Disabilities Act training provides an overview of the ADA, explains how the law applies to employees and applicants in the workplace, and addresses the responsibilities of managers and supervisors. Designed in a modern, interactive format, the course features a video host, viewer email questions and interactive  assessments to boost engagement and reinforce key ADA concepts. It’s available in versions for employees (15-min) and managers (20-min), and includes a course completion certificate.

    Topics include:

    • Rights and protections under the ADA
    • Qualified individuals under the ADA
    • Conditions considered disabilities under the ADA
    • Alcohol and drug use
    • Essential job functions
    • Interview questions for applicants and employees
    • Reasonable accommodations/interactive process
    • Notification process
    • How the ADA helps ensure a more diverse workplace

    Additional material in the managers’ version covers:

    • Responsibilities of managers and supervisors under the ADA
    • Recruiting and hiring decisions
    • Handling accommodation requests
    • Undue hardship
    • Confidentiality

    For more information, view our course summary page: Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)