Month: February 2019

Forms of Sexual Harassment: What employees should know about behaviors that can lead to harassment claims

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Among the first steps toward preventing sexual harassment in the workplace is to train and educate employees on the types of behaviors that can lead to sexual harassment incidents and claims. In the US, the termsquid pro quo” and “hostile work environment” are used to help categorize behaviors that constitute sexual harassment under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and many state and local laws. Read On

Five Steps to Help Prevent Sexual Harassment in Restaurants

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Preventing sexual harassment in the restaurant business has been an industry-wide challenge well before the media exposed numerous allegations against celebrity chefs and restaurateurs. Restaurants are unlike other workplaces. Interactions with co-workers, as well as with customers, suppliers and visitors, can be more casual than other work environments, which can lead to inappropriate behavior and costly harassment claims, if left unchecked.

Here are five steps restaurant businesses can take to reduce the risk of workplace harassment and promote a safe, respectful and inclusive work culture. Read On

Traliant Releases New Sexual Harassment Training for the Restaurant Industry

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MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, February 5, 2019 – Traliant, an innovator in online sexual harassment training, today announced the availability of a new interactive training course for employees and managers in the restaurant industry. Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Restaurants covers sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, bystander intervention, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias and other timely workplace topics tailored for the restaurant industry.

For more information, please visit Traliant at: Sexual Harassment Training for Restaurants

“Restaurant businesses are unique working environments, and especially in the wake of #MeToo, anti-harassment training needs to be relevant and meaningful to foodservice employees and managers,” said Mike Pallatta, Traliant CEO and Co-Founder. “Our new Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Restaurants course builds upon our modern approach to training with realistic video scenarios, insights and practical steps that focus on positive behaviors and creating a safe, respectful culture.”

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