May 23, 2023

In today’s increasingly diverse and complex workplace, organizations need to create a culture that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Companies that foster diversity achieve better results, are more innovative, attract and retain more talent, and avoid legal liability.

DEI training is an essential element in creating an inclusive culture. Download our NEW free eBook to learn Why You Need a DEI Training Program. 

It’s Important to Choose the Right Program 

It’s crucial to make sure your team is getting proper, legally compliant, and comprehensive DEI training. While DEI training is important, any old program won’t do.

Comprehensive DEI training will help your team understand unconscious biases, how to avoid and respond to microaggressions, how unwanted harassment in the workplace can be prevented with bystander intervention, and how to use inclusive language in the workplace to make our communication both more respectful and more effective. Beyond employees, it’s essential for your management team to understand how these different factors can affect recruiting and hiring, assignments, performance assessments, and promotions, too.

When setting out on a DEI initiative, it’s important to understand what specifics are required of your organization. For example, some municipalities, like the City of Chicago, require that employees receive a certain amount of bystander intervention training as a part of wider DEI initiatives. Traliant’s unique approach to DEI training integrates legal compliance and our full program will fill these requirements with its included one hour of bystander intervention training.

Traliant offers comprehensive DEI training courses designed and led by employment lawyers and university professors who focus their research on DEI issues. If you’re unsure about requirements in your specific area or are ready to commit to DEI training for your employees, contact us today.

Our team of legal experts can help consult with your team and find a DEI training program that works for you.



Elissa Rossi