March 28, 2024

Imagine a meeting room filled with diverse voices, each one eager to contribute to the collective goals of the company. But beneath the surface, there are subtle obstacles ─ unconscious biases and microaggressions ─ that hinder progress without individuals even realizing it.  

At companies today, where every decision counts and the competition for talent is fierce, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are recognized as cornerstones for success. Embracing differences and ensuring everyone is respected, appreciated and treated fairly benefits employees and companies through greater collaboration and creativity. 

Traliant’s latest course “DEI: Creating Inclusive Workplaces” helps organizations build inclusivity by reimagining traditional training approaches.  

“Traliant’s DEI training creates a unique and powerful learning experience using unscripted and unfiltered accounts of real-life work experiences by real people that resonate deeply with learners.” 
─ Alex Miller, Vice President of Product Development at Traliant 

Imagine hearing stories from someone who has first-hand experience of the impact of hurtful, yet seemingly innocuous, words and actions. In this way, learners gain a deeper understanding of how unconscious bias can manifest and how microaggressions can inadvertently undermine inclusivity. Participants become more mindful of their interactions with a heightened awareness that they have the power to cultivate an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute.  

Traliant’s interactive training fosters empathy, spurs reflection and sparks dialog to empower learners to become agents of change within their own spheres of influence. Participants get a firsthand look at how actions and words can have a big impact on others. It builds empathy and understanding, one story at a time.  

Why does this matter? In business today, talent is the ultimate currency. A staggering 80% of workers seek employment with organizations that value DEI initiatives ─ a statistic that speaks volumes about evolving workforce expectations. Simply put, companies that prioritize diversity and inclusivity attract and retain the best talent to gain a distinct competitive advantage. 

Relatable, meaningful and actionable: Why Traliant’s DEI training stands out  

Cultural movements like Black Lives Matter and #Metoo have reshaped our world and taught us a great deal about DEI and training. We’ve learned that for DEI training to be effective, it must be relatable, meaningful and actionable for everyone. That’s the premise behind Traliant’s DEI course. 

Relatable and personal 

When training is relatable, it has the power to make a personal and meaningful connection to each individual. And the most effective way to accomplish this is with storytelling, particularly through first-person accounts of experiences from real-life work situations. That’s because stories reach people at a core human level—connecting to everyone, even those who are struggling to understand why DEI is important and what it means to them. Cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner suggests that we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it is wrapped in a story and there is evidence that narrative stories are powerful in shaping beliefs.   

Meaningful and interactive 

The best training includes purposeful and meaningful opportunities for participants to have interactive learning in a safe space. Exercises with instructions that are useful, clear and easy to follow enable learners to pause and reflect on how their choices and behavior might impact a situation. Research shows that interactive learning supports memory retention and there’s evidence that it leads to positive outcomes, such as higher rates of attention, interest in the subject matter and satisfaction.  

Practical and actionable 

Learning that is practical and actionable allows people to take what they learned and adapt it to real-life situations. This approach turns theory into actionable learning points by enabling participants to practice making choices that can bring about different outcomes. Learning by doing has been found to improve recall by 75% or more, compared to 5% recall after simply being told something.  

Traliant’s DEI: Creating Inclusive Workplaces training creates meaningful change by helping organizations go beyond talking about the importance of DEI to making it an actual part of daily work life — in a way that improves employees’ lives and strengthens organizations now and into the future.  

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Mark Hudson