June 1, 2023

As Pride Month approaches, it’s essential for organizations to recognize and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community’s contributions, achievements, and resilience. While many companies have embraced inclusive policies and initiatives, the hybrid workplace presents a new set of challenges and opportunities for celebrating Pride Month. In this piece, we will explore what the experts have to say on creative ways to foster an inclusive environment and honor Pride Month in a hybrid workplace setting.  

Virtual Pride Events: 

Organize virtual Pride events: Plan online activities such as panel discussions, workshops, or guest speaker sessions featuring LGBTQIA+ advocates, leaders, or employees who can share their experiences, insights, and stories. 

A resource we like: This 3 minute video from Google’s Archive is a culmination of PRIDE Parades around the world. A simple group viewing and discussion can be an easy and low-pressure opportunity for employees to learn and show their support.  

Pride Month Initiatives: 

Pride-themed webinars or training: Conduct webinars or training sessions focusing on LGBTQIA+ history, terminology, allyship, and the importance of fostering an inclusive workplace. Encourage employees to participate and educate themselves. 

A resource we like: Human Rights Campaign offers this guide on how to better support the LGBTQIA+ community and be an authentic ally. Offering this to employees as an optional read can give them the opportunity to engage in learning on their own time. 

Inclusive Communications: 

Inclusive language: Remind employees to use inclusive language in their written and verbal communications. Encourage the use of gender-neutral terms and avoid assumptions about individuals’ sexual orientation or gender identity. 

A resource we like: In this article, Traliant’s Director of Content Marketing Natasha Nicholson looks at why inclusive language is so important, why exclusionary language can be harmful—and how awareness, introspection and education can support our ability to create a more inclusive work environment. 

For HR professionals, creating inclusivity is particularly important, and especially difficult. When it comes to language, not only do you need to cultivate your own awareness through introspection, but you also need to help others do the same. The answer is in finding opportunities for your employees to learn and grow by providing them with the kind of education and training that will engage them in meaningful interactions and provide them with a window into how language choices can make others feel and react.


Collaborative Projects: 

Volunteer and donation drives: Collaborate with LGBTQ+ charities or nonprofit organizations to organize virtual volunteering opportunities or donation drives. This allows employees to contribute to the community and make a positive impact during Pride Month. 

A resource we like: Expert analysts from Charity Navigator create lists of organizations responding to current events and crises, as well as top-performing charities in their cause areas to help donors navigate giving. Here’s their list of highly rated nonprofits dedicated to LGBTQIA+ support. 

Managerial Support and Recognition: 

Manager training: Provide training to managers on inclusivity, sensitivity, and the importance of creating a supportive environment. Equip them with the knowledge and tools to address any concerns or issues that may arise. 

Resources we like: Deloitte‘s inaugural LGBT+ Inclusion @ Work: A Global Outlook survey seeks to better understand the experiences of LGBT+ employees in the workplace, while also identifying expert practices that support LGBT+ inclusion at work, barriers to inclusion and “the importance of a truly inclusive ‘everyday’ culture when it comes to LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace.” 

86% of respondents indicate that having LGBT+ inclusion as a HR/talent priority has had a positive impact on their current role SOURCE: DELOITTE

Pride Month is an opportunity for organizations to celebrate diversity, promote inclusivity, and foster a sense of belonging for all employees. In a hybrid workplace setting, it’s crucial to adapt and find innovative ways to honor Pride Month and support the LGBTQIA+ community.  

By organizing virtual events, fostering inclusive communications, encouraging collaborative projects, and staying educated, organizations can create a welcoming and empowering environment for all employees. Let us come together to celebrate and embrace diversity during Pride Month and beyond. 

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Veronica Bocian