December 28, 2023

If you have employees who work from locations all over the country, you know that some states require harassment prevention training while others don’t. But if you’re choosing to only train employees in states where it’s required, you may be treading on dangerous territory.

Why? Because aside from protecting your employees’ safety, harassment prevention training protects your organization against major legal and reputational threats that can create untold damage. Let’s explore a bit more.

EEOC guidelines now emphasize the importance of training

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently released proposed guidelines on harassment in the workplace that offer essential insights and recommendations to help organizations protect their employees and maintain a safe, inclusive work environment. They cover a wide variety of important topics, such as expanding protected grounds for harassment and broadening the definitions of disability, age, religion, national origin, race and color to include stereotype-based harassment. But these new guidelines also put a significant focus on employee training.

The EEOC says training can serve as a powerful tool for preventing harassment and safeguarding your organization from being found negligent in response to claims of a hostile work environment. They stipulate that training is both an essential element in the prevention of harassment and a pivotal aspect of demonstrating your organization’s commitment to creating a safe, respectful workplace. And that dedication serves as a key point of protection.

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Veronica Bocian