December 26, 2019

10 top compliance blog posts 2019

As we wrap up 2019, we’d like to thank you for visiting our blog. We hope it’s become a source of timely information and practical tips to help you navigate the world of workplace compliance, ethics and training. As we look forward to sharing more news and insights in 2020, here’s a list of our most-visited blog posts this year:

10. 4 Ways To Make Sexual Harassment Training More Effective For a Modern Workforce
The #MeToo movement, new anti-harassment laws and the EEOC’s focus on promoting harassment-free workplaces kept the spotlight on sexual harassment training. This post offers four ways to make training more engaging, relevant and interactive.

9. Traliant Announces SB 1343 Sexual Harassment Training For California Employees
The California Edition of Preventing Discrimination and Harassment provides employers in California with interactive, engaging training that complies with the new requirements and more.

8. Six Essential Topics for Title IX Training
This post discusses key topics that effective Title IX training should address to help colleges and universities meet their Title IX obligations and create a safe and respectful learning and working culture.

7. FAQs About New York’s Sexual Harassment Training Requirements
This post answers common questions about how to meet New York’s requirements to train employees on sexual harassment prevention.

6. FAQs About California’s New Sexual Harassment Training Requirements
This post covers common questions about what to do and when to meet California’s new sexual harassment training requirements under SB 1343 and SB 778.  

5. Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment: 4 Top Trends for 2019
New and expanded training requirements and a focus on workplace culture were among the trends that kept sexual harassment training in the spotlight this year.

4. Illinois is the Latest State to Tackle Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
This post summarizes the training provisions under Illinois’ Workplace Transparency Act, which goes into effect on January 1, 2020.

3. Time Is Up for Connecticut Employers to Address Workplace Harassment
Connecticut employers have new training obligations under the Time’s Up Act, a new state law that requires  employers with three or more employees to provide two hours of sexual harassment training to all employees, not just supervisors.

2. Discrimination Based on Hairstyle Now Illegal in New York and California
Race-based hair discrimination is now banned in New York and in California (beginning January 1, 2020), which means employers can no longer enforce dress codes and grooming policies that prohibit natural hair styles. Besides reviewing and revising dress and grooming policies, organizations should also update anti-discrimination and diversity and inclusion policies and training to reflect the new changes.

1. Sexual Harassment Training: A List of States Requiring Harassment Training
The most popular post of 2019 was a roundup of states that have enacted laws with sexual harassment training requirements. The current list includes California, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware and Maine.

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From all of us at Traliant, we wish you a happy, healthy, successful 2020!