December 22, 2020

top 10 compliance training posts of 2020

2020 has brought about changes no one could predict. For many HR leaders, the challenges were (and are) many. Among them: adapting to working, managing and communicating with a remote workforce amid a global pandemic, addressing racism and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and complying with new sexual harassment training requirements.

Our blog kept pace with these evolving topics, with the goal of sharing news, insights and best practices for creating an effective compliance training program. As we look forward to 2021, here’s a list of our most-visited blog posts this year:

10.  Unconscious Bias Training: Raising Awareness of Unconscious Bias

Addressing unconscious bias, also known as implicit bias, was one of HR’s priority topics in 2020, as organizations sought new ways to advance DEI. This post discusses the different types of unconscious bias and strategies to counteract their influence on workplace decisions and interactions.

9. Tips To Help Employees Recognize and Prevent Phishing Scams

Unfortunately, criminals are exploiting the pandemic with phishing scams to trick people into divulging personal and business data, sending in money or downloading malware attachments. This post offers tips for avoiding phishing attacks and underscores the importance of staying alert to different types of scams.

8. COVID-19 Training: Readying Employees To Return To the Workplace

This post outlines how a return-to-work training program can help smooth the transition for employees and reduce their fears and uncertainty about navigating a changing work environment.

7.  Time To Train Remote Workers on Preventing Digital Harassment and Other Compliance Essentials

From explaining work-from-home policies to preventing digital harassment to protecting confidential information, this post discusses 6 ways online compliance training helps organizations meet the challenges of a remote workforce.

6. Diversity and Inclusion Training Is More Important Than Ever

This post explores the role of diversity training in fostering inclusive thinking and a sense of belonging as part of a multipronged approach to improving DEI.

5. Cyber Security and Data Confidentiality Training Key To Managing Risks

Cyber crime statistics are alarming — the average cost of a single data breach is almost $4 million and puts over 25,500 records at risk, according to one report. This post highlights the costs of cyber crime, how unaware employees put data at risk and the purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

4. 4 Training Topics To Maintain Workplace Culture During COVID-19

This post excerpts an article in Training Magazine by Traliant’s CLO Andrew Rawson. In it, he discusses how the right online training program can keep employees focused on positive behaviors and actions during the pandemic and beyond.

3. 7 Tips To Avoid Coronavirus Discrimination in the Workplace

While COVID-19 has changed routines and work environments for many employees, it hasn’t changed the expectation for professional behavior. This post provides tips to raise awareness of coronavirus discrimination and the need to maintain a respectful, inclusive workplace culture.

2. New Year, New Sexual Harassment Training Laws

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, preventing sexual harassment in the workplace remains top of mind for HR leaders and legislators. Even without mandates, organizations that take proactive steps to address and prevent harassment and other misconduct can benefit from a workplace culture where employees thrive.

1. Sexual Harassment Training Now Required in Six States

Once again, our top post is a state-by-state roundup of sexual harassment training requirements. The current list includes California, New York State, New York City, Illinois, Connecticut, Maine and Delaware and certain industries in Washington State. You’ll find the latest state requirements and dates here.

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The Traliant Team Wishes You a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season and New Year!