December 13, 2023

Customers and partners utilizing the Traliant Learning Center (TLC) will step into a new era of learning management with enhanced functionality, scalability and security. The new TLC provides more robust functionalities to simplify administration, enhance reporting and provide better user experiences — all while ensuring sensitive and confidential information remains secure to protect data and privacy. 

“Traliant continually strives to provide customers and partners with the compliance industry’s best training and services, and that includes our Learning Management System (LMS),” said Ted Podhorcer, Vice President of Products at Traliant, adding that all customers and partners will be migrated to the new platform without disruption by March 2024. “Utilizing our powerful, new TLC will elevate the training programs of clients by helping compliance leaders and HR professionals to better deliver courses, track learner progress and assess training performance across an entire organization, no matter the size.” 

Podhorcer said customers and prospects are invited to attend a 60-minute webinar demonstration entitled, “Unwrapping the Traliant Learning Center,” on January 10, at 2 p.m. ET, where he will take participants through the platform’s new features to optimize workflow, including assignments, notifications, tracking and reporting, and answer questions. Click here to register for the webinar. 

Streamline Administrative Tasks 

TLC makes it easier to manage your compliance program with expanded filtering and consolidated user, assignments and notification views to optimize workflow. The centralized platform eliminates the need for paper-based records and manual tracking, encourages course completions through a user-friendly interface and helps ensure learners are compliant with training requirements to reduce the risk of non-compliance and potential legal or financial fines. It also analyzes metrics such as learner completions and assessment scores to help identify trends and emerging knowledge gaps in training programs.  

Advanced Reporting Capabilities 

TLC transforms complex data into clear, easy-to-read charts and graphs for quick data analysis, effectively illustrating the current state of your training program. A customizable reporting dashboard helps consolidate the reports to a single screen view and can be accessed from any device including any mobile browser to view real-time data anywhere, anytime. 

Enhanced Learning Experience 

TLC’s modern design and flexible learning options support busy schedules by allowing learners to take training on-the-go, at home or on-site. This increased access to training, as well as interactive games and badging, helps strengthen learner engagement, promote active learning and provides a genuine sense of accomplishment. 

Top-Notch Security and Confidentiality 

TLC incorporates best in class security standards and has SOC 2 certification to prove it. SOC 2 certification provides assurance that controls are in place to ensure your data is securely maintained to protect the interests of your organization and the privacy of its clients.  



Mark Hudson