Clery Act Training

For Campus Security Authorities and others involved in campus safety and security

Clery Act Training

Online Clery Act TrainingClery Act training is an important measure in creating a safe and secure campus community and ensuring Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) understand their role and responsibilities in reporting Clery crimes.

Under the Clery Act, a federal statute, institutions that receive federal funds have specific requirements to report and disclose campus crime. The Clery Act is named after Jeanne Clery, a Lehigh University freshman who was raped and murdered in her dormitory in 1986.

Complying with the Clery Act requires a number of steps. These include publishing an Annual Security Report (ASR) on crime statistics for the prior three years, maintaining a crime log, issuing timely safety warnings, making campus safety policies available, and reporting Clery Act crimes to the US Department of Education.

The Clery Act also requires schools to identify Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) – organizations or individuals designated to receive and report information about campus crimes. CSAs are typically campus police or security, individuals appointed by school policy to receive reports, and school officials, such as deans, advisors, coaches and student RAs.

Online Clery Act Training Course

Clery Act training is a 25-minute, interactive course that explains the purpose of the Clery Act, what institutions must do to comply, and the specific responsibilities of CSAs. This training is also a valuable resource for others who need to be familiar with Clery Act compliance. The course features a host video, newscaster insights, Viewer Mailbag and Twitter Q&A, drag and drop interactions and other knowledge checks. A course completion certificate is provided at the end of the training.

Traliant’s Clery Act Training course covers these topics and more:

  • The history and purpose of the Clery Act
  • Clery Act requirements for higher education institutions
  • The role and responsibilities of CSAs
  • Safety and reporting measures
  • Categories of Clery Act crimes
  • An explanation of Clery geography
  • Procedures for receiving and reporting crime information

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Traliant is dedicated to creating safe, respectful learning and working environments. Our online Clery Act training is designed to ensure individuals understand the importance of complying with the Clery Act and their responsibilities to receive and report campus crimes.

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