Complying With Labor & Employment Laws Suite

Building and managing an onsite, remote and hybrid workforce composed of traditional employees and contractors is full of challenges and responsibilities. Training to navigate complex and evolving labor and employment laws is an important step that organizations can take to operate fairly, legally and compliantly.

Our Complying With Labor & Employment Laws Suite ensures employees, supervisors and managers understand their rights and responsibilities under important labor and employment policies, procedures, laws and regulations. We’ve also included Traliant Sparks, 2-3 minute videos to supplement course training that raise awareness and spark conversations.

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    The Complying With Labor & Employment Laws Suite Includes these Courses:

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) TrainingADA training

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) training explains federal regulations to create a workplace where individuals with disabilities can thrive. The course covers the rights and protections of employees, as well as a manager’s responsibility to prevent disability discrimination and handle reasonable accommodation requests.

    employment law for managersEmployment Law Essentials for Managers

    Employment Law Essentials for Managers training equips managers with a basic understanding of: Interviewing and Hiring, Wage and Hour Laws, Preventing Retaliation, FMLA Basics, Handling Harassment Complaints and Reasonable Accommodations.

    Fair Labor Standards Act Training FLSAFair Labor Standards Act

    Fair Labor Standards Act training for managers covers employment practices for minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping and child labor. The course explains key rules of the FLSA, and how they apply to employees and managers in the workplace.

    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) TrainingFMLA Training

    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) training prepares managers to properly respond to employee requests for FMLA leave to balance work-family responsibilities. The course covers the law’s key provisions and how managers should handle requests.

    reasonable accomodations in the workplaceHandling Reasonable Accommodations at the Workplace

    Handling Accommodations in the Workplace training explains how managers properly handle workplace accommodations for disability, pregnancy, religious and domestic violence.

    interview complianceInterview Compliance & Fair Hiring

    Interview Compliance & Fair Hiring training for managers explains how discrimination can occur in the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process, and provides guidelines for handling hiring-related responsibilities in a fair and legal manner.

    understanding affirmative action plans trainingUnderstanding Affirmative Action Plans

    Understanding Affirmative Action Plans training explains the fundamentals of AAPs and how they support policies and practices aiding employers in accessing a larger pool of qualified candidates to build a more diverse workforce.

    Responding to ComplaintsResponding to Complaints

    Responding to Complaints training for managers explains how to properly acknowledge and handle employee concerns, including complaints made about them. Managers learn how to thoroughly investigate employee complaints and how to avoid pitfalls that can cause complaints to escalate into larger problems.

    Building Positive Teams & Union Awareness

    Building Positive Teams and Union Awareness training helps managers understand why employees turn to unions, common indicators that employees are considering unions and positive management practices that can keep employees from turning to unions.

    Responding to Union Activity

    Responding to Union Activity training introduces managers to the legal and practical aspects of union activities. Managers learn about the rights of employees under the NLRA, what activities are protected under the law and practical guidance on answering questions about labor activity.

    Plus Traliant Sparks covering Personal Liability, Pregnancy Discrimination, Unconscious Bias and Unwanted Touching.


    The Traliant Difference

    Managers and employees should understand how essential employment laws guide their everyday decisions and activities. Our Complying With Labor & Employment Laws training ensures organizations have the knowledge to confidently build and manage a workplace that is inclusive and fair.