Cost-Effective Customization

Courses can be quickly customized to reflect your brand and relevant policies. We can also have scenarios appear to take place in your work environment.

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    "Partnering with Traliant has been amazing because we've been able to really customize our different courses as a global company." -HR Manager, Unily

    Why Customize?

    Customization You Need

    from minimal to brand-specific

    48-hour turnaround

    for brand and industry-specific,
    immersive experiences

    Make training relatable

    with logos, videos & imagery

    Create Brand-Aligned, Interactive Experiences:
    When Your Brand Is Important to You, Choose Traliant

    Customized, engaging content

    If training doesn't seem relevant to your organization, then your employees won't engage with the content and learn from it. We offer powerful customization options to empower you to quickly modify any part of the training, including video, content, and images. Create a learning experience that's specific to your organization, fostering engagement and understanding.

    Industry-specific training

    Create a familiar aesthetic with tailored imagery reflective of your industry. Industry-specific options are available for Construction, Healthcare, Hotels, Manufacturing, Office, Restaurants, and Retailers.

    Scenarios from your own work environment

    Want to have your training take place in your company’s office or job site? We can easily change content and scenarios based on your workplace. Simply submit photos and videos of your actual work environment and we will create a customized learning experience specific to your business.

    Training for your international workforce

    We can translate your customized training into a variety of languages to meet the needs of your global workforce.

    Policy Review and Acknowledgement

    It’s important employees understand your company’s policies. We can include your policy into the course, requiring them to certify that they have read and understood your workplace policies. We can also include a “Policy Review” exercise where users are required to search your policies and find the answers.