Custom Compliance Training and Interactive Videos

When Only A Uniquely Crafted Training Experience Will Do

Traliant offers custom services to organizations with unique compliance training challenges and requirements. From enhancing your existing training with broadcast quality videos to designing and developing new solutions, Traliant can create a training program to match your organization’s learning needs and culture. Our approach is to create positive, personal experiences that enable learners to retain knowledge longer and make the right decisions when facing real-world situations.

Custom Compliance & Ethics Training Programs

Compliance Training CEO Intro

If your existing training could benefit from a makeover, we can transform your material with modern design techniques and up-to-date content, using your media and branding standards.

If you’d like to enhance and improve your existing training with interactive videos, we will analyze your content and recommend strategies to turn your current training into an engaging, video-rich experience.

Working with your compliance training requirements and content, we can develop a complete solution from scratch, including eLearning programs, instructor-led classroom training, and custom videos.

Custom Interactive Videos

custom interactive online compliance training

Traliant blends the skills of a broadcast-quality video production company with the expertise of a compliance training provider. This unique combination of skills, experience and creativity allows us to build cost-effective custom videos, requiring minimal effort on the part of our clients.

We offer both conventional and interactive videos to match the learning objectives and style of your organization. Conventional videos are ideal when you want to feature an introduction or interview with one of your executives.  Interactive videos are designed to create immersive experiences for learners that can have a powerful impact on attitudes and behavior. Traliant’s hallmark is creating dramatic, interactive compliance videos with multiple endings — a technique that drives better decision making.

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    Whether you choose a conventional or interactive video format, Traliant’s custom videos can easily be integrated into your training for use in a classroom setting or on intranet pages.

    We Make it Easy
    From conceptual design to scripting, casting, production, editing and delivery —we take your ideas and transform them into a high-quality video, optimizing your time and investment.

    We Tailor the Shoot

    custom video production

    • Studio-based — green screen and digital studios let us place your executives in virtually any setting.
    • Location-based — suitable for industries with strong location identifiers, such as restaurants, hotels or healthcare.

     Executive Introductions and Messaging

    Executive Messaging

    • Having a senior executive introduce a video sets the right “tone from the top” and sends a strong message that compliance training is important and valued. We can film your executives on location or in a local studio to create the appropriate setting for your organization.

    We Make it Real

    online compliance training

    • With teams in New York and Los Angeles, we draw from a diverse talent pool of actors to meet any requirement for race, gender, age, nationality, language, sexual orientation or disability. We can also accommodate organizations that want to feature their own staff in speaking parts or cameo appearances.

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