Emotionally Engaging Courses

Realistic scenarios, interactive games and a story-driven approach create enjoyable, memorable training for employees

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    "We called it conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Traliant helped us invest in our culture in a very special way by simply allowing us to listen, learn, and evolve" -Franchise VP of Administration, Philadelphia Phillies

    Why are Traliant Courses so Effective?

    Story-based approach

    Courses focus on more than just laws, leveraging the timeless power of storytelling to captivate employee attention.

    Real-world scenarios

    Employees are presented with nuanced scenarios, many inspired by real cases, and delves into the intricacies of “gray area” situations that employees may encounter.

    90% highly likely to apply new Traliant training skills

    Out of 10,000+ learners surveyed, 90% say they are “likely or very likely” to use skills and behaviors acquired through Traliant training courses.

    Engage, Challenge, and Facilitate New Skills:  Promote the Right Behaviors to Create the Workplace You Want

    Making People Care

    If you can't make people care, you cannot expect them to change their behaviors. Our focus is always on emotionally engaging courses that lead employees to care about building the skills and behaviors they need for a compliant workplace.

    Facilitating Better Decisions

    We reinvent learning to deliver interactive courses that help employees make better workplace decisions and drive meaningful behavioral change. Our courses ensure the retention of transferable knowledge and skills.

    Reimagined Behavioral Objectives

    Our courses go beyond memorizing definitions and canned learning objectives. We focus on realistic, nuanced scenarios that model positive behaviors, enabling employees to understand the dynamics that can lead to workplace issues. Our plain language and practical learning tools allow for immediate application.

    Immersive Learning Design

    We keep employees engaged with cinematic videos, real-world scenarios, and a behavior-based approach. Our courses immerse learners in real-world environments, making the training effective and engaging.

    Gamification for Enhanced Engagement

    Rather than gamification trivializing the course topic, we use gamification to drive engagement and encourage application of new behaviors.

    Accessible for users with disabilities

    Courses meet the WCAG AA standard and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508, and other legal requirements for accessibility.