Engagement Point Leaderboard

Everyone talks about engagement; we let you measure it.

Compliance training doesn’t have a reputation for keeping learners at the edge of their seats. In all honesty, most employees dread having to complete the courses — and you probably dread having to assign them. Traliant understands this and has taken a fresh approach using our learning technology to make it less boring and, dare we say, a little fun.


One of the ways that Traliant engages learners is through gamification; the integration of common elements of game-playing into other activities. Our courses are designed so learners earn Engagement Points throughout the course by correctly answering questions and interacting with the course. Knowing they are earning points motivates them to pay attention and try to do well. At the end, top-scorers earn gold badges for their scores (and Department Managers can choose what scores earn the status).

How are Engagement Points Tracked?

Engagement Points are tracked within the Learning Management System (LMS) and can be viewed by Department Managers (DMs). Further, the Leaderboard is a new feature that is built into the LMS which ranks the top performers by their Engagement Points. For organizations that use their own LMS, there is a connection to Google Sheets to track learner Engagement Points.

The Leaderboard Benefits: Recognize Top Performers and Create Friendly Competition

compliance training engagement point leaderboardThe Leaderboard makes it easy for organizations to get the most out of Traliant’s compliance training. You can identify top performers or sort employees by score, course, department, due date, and more. Then, you can send emails to segments of learners in order to recognize them for their engagement or other behaviors you want to encourage. For example, “Congrats on earning Gold on your training!” or “Thank you for being one of the first to complete your training!”

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    This will show employees that compliance training is a priority for your organization, and that leadership is in tune with the results and engagement. If they believe it is important to you, it will be more important to them. Further, you can help to create an environment of friendly competition, which motivates learners to pay attention and complete their training on time. No one wants to be at the bottom of the leaderboard, and learners may see others getting recognized and want the same recognition.

    Choose Traliant’s New Approach to Compliance Training

    Compliance training is no longer just about compliance. With our learning technology, it is about engaging learners with the subject matter and ensuring they understand the content. This helps your organization not only be compliant with the law, but also to reduce problematic incidents.

    Further, you can proudly roll out the program without all the moans and groans. With Traliant, you’ll get our unique Engagement Point system, and the Leaderboard enabling you to easily track results and communicate them to your team.

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