Full Solution to Meet Chicago’s New Training Requirements

Designed to meet Chicago’s annual training requirement for all employees

Full Solution to Meet Chicago’s New Training Requirements

Don’t wait. Get Chicago editions of sexual harassment & bystander courses now!

On July 1, 2022, Chicago expanded sexual harassment prevention training requirements for city businesses that surpass those imposed by the state of Illinois in 2020.

Chicago’s new training mandate requires:

  • Managers and supervisors to participate in two hours of sexual harassment prevention training annually
  • Employees to participate in one hour of sexual harassment prevention training annuall
  • Employees and managers to participate in one hour of bystander intervention training annually

Current Illinois training requisites do not satisfy Chicago’s new sexual harassment prevention and bystander intervention compliance requirements.

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Traliant is proud to be among the first in the industry to deliver a full solution to employers that meets Chicago’s new employee and manager training requirements for sexual harassment prevention.

Sexual Harassment
Traliant’s Chicago Edition of Preventing Discrimination & Harassment training is available in separate versions for employees (60-minute) and managers (120-minute). The interactive online courses raise awareness of how to recognize, report, respond to and prevent incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination, as well as how to avoid retaliation and promote a safe, respectful work culture.

Bystander Intervention
Traliant’s Chicago Extended Edition of Bystander Intervention training is available as a 60-minute online course for all employees. The course explains and demonstrates different techniques for safely disrupting, confronting and reporting harassing behavior that employees may experience or witness. Employees also gain an understanding of how active bystanders can effectively support targets of misconduct, prevent future incidents and help create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace

The Chicago editions of our award-winning training incorporate bite-sized episodes with real world video scenarios, interactive exercises and knowledge checks to maximize learning and retention. Courses are available in multiple languages.

Don’t delay! Start addressing Chicago’s new training mandate.

Start training employees and managers now with our Chicago editions of sexual harassment prevention and bystander intervention courses to satisfy both city and state compliance requirements. Employers have until June 30, 2023 to provide current employees — including short-term, part-time and interns — with their first round of annual Chicago training.

Need More Information on Chicago’s New Training Requirements?

Read our blog post Chicago Raises the Bar on Illinois’ Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements to learn more about the city’s new compliance training requirements and how they differ from state of Illinois requisites.

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