HR Compliance Essentials for Managers

managing within the law trainingIn today’s increasingly complex workplace, managers must navigate a wide range of policies, procedures, laws and regulations that govern their everyday activities. From interviewing and hiring to handling harassment complaints and requests for family leave, managers need to know how to respond appropriately and avoid actions that may lead to compliance violations and costly claims.

Providing regular training on workplace laws to all managers is an effective way to raise awareness of some basic legal requirements related to their responsibilities and strengthen a culture of compliance.

Online HR Compliance Essentials for Managers Training
HR Compliance Essentials for Managers is a 25-minute, interactive training course designed to equip  managers with an essential understanding of key workplace laws related to their job responsibilities. Topics are presented in a modern format comprising six episodes: Interviewing and Hiring, Wage and Hour Laws, Preventing Retaliation, FMLA Basics, Handling Harassment Complaints and Reasonable Accommodations. 

online compliance training - managing within the lawManagers learn to recognize different situations where workplace laws apply, how to respond appropriately, and when to seek guidance when questions arise. The course features a host video, Viewer Mailbag and Twitter Q&A segments, news stories, interactions, quizzes and challenges with engagement points to reinforce key concepts and promote retention. A course-completion certificate is included.

HR Compliance Essentials for Managers features interactive episodes covering:

  • Interviewing and Hiring: handling hiring-related responsibilities fairly and legally
  • Wage and Hour Laws: understanding how the Fair Labor Standards Act and state laws apply 
  • Preventing Retaliation: preventing retaliation against employees who file complaints
  • Family and Medical Leave Act: understanding the different types of FMLA requests
  • Handling Harassment Complaints: responding to complaints promptly and appropriately
  • Reasonable Accommodations: recognizing and responding to requests for disability or religious accommodations  

The Traliant Difference
Traliant creates modern, interactive compliance training designed for today’s diverse, mobile workforce. HR Compliance Essentials for Managers provides managers with a solid foundation of the key workplace laws that govern their everyday activities.

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