Instructional Design

Engaging, High-Quality Course Design and Customization

Key Features

At Traliant, our authoring platform is engineered to allow rapid course creation and customization. We’ve applied the latest in learning innovation to ensure that learners have a positive experience and retain the knowledge for future recall. Here’s how we do it:

Facilitating Issue Spotting, Decision Making, and Behavioral Change

We reinvent learning by delivering engaging and motivating high-quality interactive video lessons that ensure employees retain a range of transferable knowledge and skills, helping them achieve the desired result of a meaningful change in behavior.

  • Reimagined Delivery of Learning Objectives
    Watching Netflix or Hulu is much more enjoyable than enduring a typical lecture-based, information-overloaded eLearning compliance course. That’s why our courses are designed as episode-based video series that incorporate best practices from recognizable news show formats. Millennials are an ever-increasing segment of learners, and the style formats incorporated are familiar and appealing to them.
  • Engaging Interactivity
    In real-life workplace situations, the conversations we have, and the actions we take, can produce a range of possible outcomes. We simulate this experience by engaging learners in videos that depict concrete, dramatic, real-world situations with a range of possible paths and outcomes. The learner interacts with the storyline, spotting issues and making decisions about the path the characters should take. The learner’s decisions further elaborate the consequences of the path chosen, and the takeaways from the episode. This learn-by-doing approach, implemented through realistic interactive exercises, enables time-pressed employees to acquire the information more quickly and retain it longer.  We incorporate a variety of cinematic styles that create deeper engagement. Some are shot in a “narrative, interior monologue-style” where characters address the camera and “think out loud” as they go through their thought processes, while other styles show the right and wrong ways to handle different workplace situations.
  • Rapid Customization
    Training that isn’t tailored to your organization turns employees off—learners often feel like the training isn’t designed for their needs or interests. With our rapid customization platform, we can efficiently modify or add to any portion of the training program. From the video background to news stories to Frequently Asked Questions (delivered via the ‘Viewer Mailbag’ segment), different elements of the program can be easily customized to your exact requirements. While other programs offer customization as a “logo drop” and “inclusion of policy links,” we encourage tailoring the course information to the extent it is effective.
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    Assessment Strategies

    When it comes to compliance, you’re sometimes dealing in “gray areas.” To achieve the required behavioral change, we equip learners with the knowledge and skills to make the right decisions in situations that are not always simply “black or white” or “right or wrong.” Using the latest in learning innovation, Traliant courses ensure a higher level of comprehension, via integrated assessments, and plenty of teachable moments.

    • Episode-Based Assessments
      Each episode includes a comprehensive assessment, which allows learners to absorb the material in bite-sized lengths of just five to eight minutes each. Integrating the testing into the learning material serves to better reinforce the learning rather than simply “bolting on” the assessment at the end of the course.
    • Personalized Course Progress
      Compliance training that simply gives learners an unlimited number of chances to complete the assessment encourages random and rapid clicking; learners quickly figure out the correct responses to receive the desired passing score. Our approach is to reward correct answers with shortened courses. Right answers move learners along to the next topic while wrong answers are followed with “teachable moments” and additional testing.
    • Teachable Moments
      Traliant assessments never say, “Incorrect. Try again!” When an incorrect answer is provided, there is a detailed explanation of why the answer is incorrect, and then another question on the same topic is provided to ensure thorough comprehension.


    We incorporate gamification into learning with challenges, scores and leaderboards to encourage a competitive spirit, motivate learners, maintain their attention, clarify difficult concepts and provide a fun way to practice what is learned.

    • Points and Rewards
      To drive engagement and create a positive, competitive environment, all assessment questions earn points. However, the points diminish for incorrect responses. Learners are rewarded with shorter training and higher point totals when they fully engage with, and comprehend, the material.
    • Challenges
      In addition to assessments, we also mix in interactions such as attention-based scoring, where faster clicks earn higher point bonuses. Organizations can choose to recognize or reward high-scorers. This reinforces the message that compliance matters, while adding a social element that’s not available through other competitor courses.

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