The Traliant Learning Center

Reliable Rollout, Recording and Reporting

The Traliant Learning Center
Key Features

With more than 2 million completions in a variety of environments, you can trust the reliability and scalability of Traliant’s industry-leading LMS – Traliant Learning Center. Designed for ease of use, administrators can schedule course rollouts for an entire year in advance and automatically assign training to employees when they need to be recertified – all while monitoring learner progress with dynamic dashboards and reports. Traliant Learning Center includes robust features that can handle the demands of global enterprises, allowing you to effortlessly manage compliance training across your organization.

Traliant LMS Platforms

  • Guided Assistance
    A guided walk-thru feature is always ready to smartly assist you in easily and quickly performing common tasks and activities.
  • Reporting Dashboard
    Quality information is key.  Customize your dashboard by conveniently selecting from an array of reports and expanded filters to drill down to essential data you need and access most often. Always maintain visibility of metrics critical to compliance training success.
  • Automated Reporting
    Schedule the email delivery of automated reports to company and department admins so they always have timely visibility of employee course completion status.
  • Mobile LMS Access
    Your users are mobile and your LMS reporting should be too. Access our Reporting Dashboard from any tablet or smartphone to have the latest data at your fingertips—anywhere, anytime.
  • Upload Your Own Course Content
    Upload your own custom course content in PowerPoint, MP4 video or PDF format, in addition to SCORM or AICC.
  • Filter, Sort & Manage Capabilities
    Managing users and assignments has never been easier. Filter, sort and select by virtually any criteria and take action on that specific group. This enables you to find every person that has not completed a course, and send them an adhoc reminder message.
  • Auto Assignment
    Onboard new users with ease. Courses will be assigned automatically based on a set of configurable rules (based on title, department, location, hire date, etc).
  • Rollout Manager
    Flexibility in scheduling increases the probability of success. Define the workflow for course assignments, reminder messages and follow-ups. With our unique Rollout Manager you are no longer restricted to sending training out in planned groups.
  • Curriculum Scheduler
    Eliminate rollout headaches and save administration time by conveniently scheduling all your course rollouts for the entire year in advance. Your courses will become available in the Traliant Learning Center and employees will automatically receive notification emails on the date you choose to go live.
  • Course Variant Selection
    Integrated language options allow your employees to choose a language at the start of the course, eliminating the need to determine which language is needed, or assigning excessive courses.
  • Training Completion Reminders That Work
    Driving high levels of course completion has never been easier:

    • Automated Emails and Supervisor Notification: Set up relative or exact-date follow-up emails and optionally choose to have a supervisor notified of pending or past-due completion dates. Group notifications into a single, daily email message to avoid flooding supervisor mailboxes.
    • Calendar Integration: Automatically generate a calendar appointment for learners to remind them when training completion is due. The Traliant Learning Center sends learners a notification email with a link that will create an appointment in calendars supported by, Google and Yahoo.
    • SMS Integration: In addition to email notification, an SMS text message can be sent to a learner’s mobile phone reminding them to complete training with a link to the Traliant Learning Center.
  • Compliance Recertification
    Ensure your organization stays compliant with recertifications. Simply choose the cadence that you’d like courses to be assigned and your team members will automatically receive access whenever they are due or move into a new position or management role.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration Using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0), we can integrate with SSO providers such as Okta, Microsoft Azure, EmpowerID, OneLogin, and many others.
    We also support single sign-on providers using LDAP as well. SSO allows your users seamless access to all of their applications:

    • No need to log out and login for each separate service
    • No need to remember login usernames and passwords
    • More secure, with better user access control for your company across all applications
  • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Integration
    Using the information in the HRIS to periodically update the Traliant Learning Center automatically can reduce or eliminate the need for updating user accounts manually. The Traliant Learning Center can also be configured to automate course assignments based on rules. Numerous integrations are available, including: ADP, UltiPro, Workday, Paylocity, BambooHR, Namely, and many more. (More info on LMS Integrations)
  • Departmental Level Support
    Multiple levels of data security in the Traliant Learning Center means increased involvement for department managers. Share department-specific data with managers so they can report and manage the employees in their departments.  You set the Traliant Learning Center so managers only see the data on employees they supervise.
  • Enhanced Security Measures
    Feel secure with our complex, expiring passwords. Employees can choose their own complex passwords which you may configure to expire at 3, 6, or 12 months, prompting them to update.

Mobile Reporting

All your reports are available on your mobile device in any browser. Pull up critical data on demand, in a meeting or out of the office, with just a few clicks.

The Reporting Dashboard provides quick and meaningful insight.

  • Tracking and Reporting Dashboard
    Access critical tracking data at a glance with easy-to-read charts and graphs, set custom date ranges to view only the data you need, and export results to Excel or PDF. You can also transform complex data into simple graphs that tell the story of successful training deployment. Hover on any graph to have the data display, then drill down to view underlying data on any dashboard report, and open individual courses, departments or other criteria.

Assignments by Department

  • Understand Your Departments
    Keep track of which departments are engaged in compliance training and which need to be monitored.

Assignments by Course

  • Status by Course
    Know at a glance which courses achieved 100% completion and which courses have stragglers that need follow up.

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