January 27, 2023

Training magazine – Lisa Crowe, Traliant’s Vice President of Content, offers learning and development leaders different strategies to create and deliver eLearning experiences that increase the effectiveness of training and meet the needs of a diverse and dispersed workforce.

Here’s an excerpt:
While new technologies can and do empower learners, it’s up to L&D leaders to use technology and tools in ways that connect with employees and provide the knowledge, insights, and practical actions they need to thrive, inside and outside of the workplace. That starts by leading (and learning) with intention. Be clear about what you want each training experience to accomplish, and what behaviors you want to change or reinforce. Have specific and measurable objectives you want to achieve. Consider if the course or microlearning is meant to be standalone, reinforcement, or in combination with other online and in-person training and education.

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Carole Walters