January 16, 2023

CFO Dive – In this article on pay transparency, Traliant CEO John Arendes explains why it is a good thing for both employers and prospective employees.

Here’s an excerpt:
“Some finance leaders balk at disclosing such information — nearly one third of companies said they are not ready for such transparency in a September WTW survey. 

But data is a finance leader’s best friend and there are ways that executives can take advantage of the new laws, said John Arendes, CEO of training platform Traliant. 

“For the employee, these transparency laws let them know what potential value the company is putting on the role,” said Arendes.

Therefore, potential employees aren’t wasting their time applying to positions that they are overqualified for. These laws can also save organizations money for similar reasons. “You don’t want to interview someone that you can’t hire and can’t make happy anyway,” said Arendes. 

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Carole Walters