November 2, 2023

Industrial Safety & Hygiene News – Read the article by Andrea Foster-Mack, Product Director of EHS at Traliant and a Certified Safety and Health Official, on why so many businesses feel unprepared to handle substance abuse issues and how the right policies, preventative and investigative resources can change that to keep the entirety of their workforces safe.   

While a business has a legal responsibility to investigate reasonable suspicion of abuse, it can be a challenging and a somewhat taboo area to navigate. For employers looking to address these challenges, there are certain questions that need to be considered, such as: 

  • Is there a formal policy in place today that states how these issues should be investigated and resolved? 
  • Are employees educated and trained on that policy, as well as how to detect and then report substance abuse issues? 
  • Are there proper resources in place to help people that are found to be using abused substances at work? 

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Mark Hudson