July 7, 2022

Employee Benefit News – In this recent article on interviewing job candidates, Maggie Smith, Traliant’s Vice President of Human Resources, provides some great practical tips and insights, whether the interview is in-person or virtual.

Here’s an excerpt:

“As an interviewer, you want to put the candidate at ease, so you’ll initiate a small talk with the person,” says Smith. “If you don’t really think about it before you begin the interview, that’s where you could get in trouble.”

For example, an interviewer may ask about the candidate’s family or where they went to college, without realizing that the candidate’s answer may unfairly inform the employer’s view of them.

Smith stresses balancing compassion and professionalism in every job interview. Keep the interview focused on whether the candidate can best fill the role, rather than critiquing the personal aspects of their lives that have no bearing on the job at hand, regardless of whether it’s their age, family or a riled-up dog in the other room.

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Carole Walters