January 13, 2022

BenefitsPRO – John Arendes, Traliant’s CEO, shares his take on how well ethics and compliance programs have weathered the pandemic storm, and what companies can do to rebuild or reinforce a strong foundation in 2022.

Here’s an excerpt from the Q&A:

What have been some of the biggest ethics & compliance changes and challenges for organizations over the last few years?

“Leaders have come to expect ever-changing compliance rules and regulations, however, COVID has accelerated change in ways no one could anticipate. The shift to remote work for many companies has added a layer of complexity that requires rethinking and revamping workplace policies, procedures, processes, and practices — as well as technologies and benefits — to the needs of a remote/hybrid workforce.

It all rolls up to workplace culture, which has become increasingly important to candidates and employees. People want to know what kind of company they are working for. What are its values and principles and are they expressed in specific, meaningful ways? We know that to thrive, employees want to feel a sense of belonging and inclusion.”

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Carole Walters