April 11, 2022

Inc. – Maggie Smith, Traliant’s VP of Human Resources, provides insights and tips on interviewing job candidates in this article in Inc. by columnist Marcel Schwantes.

Here’s an excerpt:

With college graduation approaching, a surge in job openings and more people switching jobs or re-entering the workforce, asking job candidates the right interview questions is critical to make the most of the job interview. On the other hand, asking inappropriate interview questions can spell trouble for employers and lead to claims of discrimination or bias.

For some practical insights and tips, I recently connected with Maggie Smith, VP, of Human Resources for Traliant, a compliance training company that offers online training on preventing discrimination and harassment, diversity, equity and inclusion and other workplace topics.

“Whether the interview is face-to-face or virtual, you want to connect on a human level,” Smith said. “By really listening and being approachable and inclusive, you are reflecting the qualities your company culture values, and helping candidates feel comfortable opening up about the kind of work environment where they can bring their whole selves to work.”

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Carole Walters