February 8, 2022

Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training, today announced the latest release of its signature Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training course. Designed for today’s diverse, mobile workforce, the interactive training focuses on behaviors that foster a positive, respectful organizational culture, while addressing the legal and business risks of workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Available in multiple industry and state versions, the training complies with sexual harassment training requirements for California, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware and Washington State. Organizations can also choose editions tailored to their employees and work environment, including office, construction, healthcare, hotel, manufacturing/industrial, restaurant and retail. Global and UK editions are available as well.

To learn more, please visit Traliant at: Online Discrimination and Harassment Training

“Our Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training is one of the building blocks for creating an ethical culture of compliance in today’s evolving world of work,” said John Arendes, Traliant CEO. “We release a new version every year to ensure that our training is up to date with workplace developments, and provides relevant content to engage, educate and influence positive behaviors.”

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Carole Walters