February 2, 2024

CED Magazine – As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to catch the eyes of organizations looking to enhance processes, many are often unaware or unprepared to comply with laws regulating its use regarding data privacy. John Brushwood, Compliance Counsel at Traliant, outlines the steps organizations need to take to build essential AI policies, governance and training to stay compliant with evolving legislative and regulatory laws.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen significant advancement and adoption over the past few decades. 2023 alone was a defining year for AI with the emergence of a sophisticated generative AI tool, ChatGPT, which has made AI more easily accessible to the public, speaking particularly to those with low or no coding experience. As a large, language model-based chatbot that can compose written content or engage in human-like conversational dialogue, the intention of ChatGPT is to enhance productivity and efficiency. More broadly, AI is being implemented across most businesses today to streamline processes and understand data trends, with many leaders feeling that AI will substantially transform their industry and shape the future of work.

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Kasey Murray