May 9, 2023

A shift in what employees are prioritizing 

Research has shown that employees today are seeking more than just a paycheck from their jobs. They are looking for personal value and purpose in their work, according to a study by Gartner. This is a significant shift from previous generations, where job security and salary were the primary factors in job satisfaction. 

People are continuing to ask themselves questions such as:  

  • What makes me happy and whole?  
  • What truly satisfies me?  
  • Where have I given away too much of myself for little return? 

People seek purpose in their lives—and that includes work. The more an employer limits those things that create this sense of purpose, the less likely employees will stay at their positions. The era of the employment contract, where a worker provided services purely in exchange for monetary compensation, is over. Now, employees expect deeper relationships, a strong sense of community and purpose-driven work.


The study found that employees who feel a sense of personal value and purpose in their work are more engaged, motivated, and productive. They are also more likely to stay with their current employer and recommend the company to others.  

On the other hand, employees who do not feel a sense of purpose or value in their work are more likely to be disengaged, unmotivated, and looking for new job opportunities. 

Attraction and retention: a human-centric culture 

To attract and retain employees who are seeking personal value and purpose in their work, organizations must take steps to create a culture that values individual contributions and fosters a sense of meaning and purpose in the work being done.  

Experts at Gartner say this can be achieved by providing opportunities for employees to develop their skills, encouraging collaboration and innovation, and recognizing and rewarding individual contributions. 

At Kantola, we believe that a human-centric culture is attentive to the individual needs of the employee. It values diversity, drives equity, fosters a sense of belonging and supports inclusivity. It also puts the focus on emotional well-being. At its core, the well-being of your employees is based on having them feel safe, comfortable and able to bring their authentic selves to work. 

The study suggests that organizations should ensure that they are communicating their mission and values clearly to employees and aligning individual goals with the overall mission of the company. By doing so, employees will feel more connected to the company’s mission and purpose, and be more motivated to contribute to the organization’s success. 

Overall, the study by Gartner shows that employees are seeking personal value and purpose in their work. By creating a culture that values individual contributions and promotes a sense of meaning and purpose in the work being done, organizations can attract and retain employees who are motivated, engaged, and committed to the success of the company. 

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Veronica Bocian