February 26, 2024

Fast Company – Traliant’s Michael Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer, addresses why companies need a violence prevention strategy, plan and training. Citing a Traliant study on how employees’ fears of violence and harassment erode mental well-being and sense of security, Johnson says more states are looking to pass legislation similar to California’s new workplace violence prevention law − the first of its kind in the US.

According to Traliant’s data, 40% of employees feel their employers are not well prepared to effectively respond to workplace violence. If an organization isn’t prepared to address acts of violence, or does not see the correlation to employees’ mental health, employees’ safety is simply being overlooked. 

Employers need to look at mental health strategies beyond just promoting better work-life balance, more vacation days, gym stipends, and meditation apps. They need to take employees’ safety more seriously.

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Mark Hudson