September 27, 2022

HR Brew– In this article on a recent Cornell study that found employees in certain industries can’t recognize inappropriate workplace behavior when they see it, Maria D’Avanzo, Chief Evangelist Officer at Traliant, highlights two best practices for reinforcing an organization’s commitment to preventing sexual harassment.

Here’s an excerpt:

Maria D’Avanzo, chief evangelist officer at harassment training platform provider Traliant, said HR teams can also demonstrate top-down commitment to sexual harassment prevention by incorporating into their trainings a message from the CEO. This, she said, can  avoid programming having an “off the shelf” feel.

Strom (the lead researcher on the Cornell study) also said a company’s culture and the factors that influence it—including hiring and feedback processes—can contribute to increased sexual harassment awareness and reporting. So can ensuring that employees who do come forward with complaints are not retaliated against, noted D’Avanzo.

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Carole Walters