California Harassment Training

CA organizations with 5 or more employees must train all employees and supervisors on sexual harassment prevention.

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    California Sexual Harassment Training

    Long before the #MeToo movement, the Golden State has been a leader in addressing sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. In 2005, California passed AB 1825, requiring organizations with 50+ employees to provide supervisors with at least two hours of training on preventing sexual harassment. AB 2053 followed in 2015, which mandated that training include preventing abusive conduct, commonly known as bullying. In 2018, California enacted, SB 1343, which expands sexual-harassment prevention training requirements and requires more employers to provide training.

    California employers with five or more employees must:

    • Provide two hours of interactive sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisory employees;
    • Provide at least one hour of interactive sexual harassment prevention training to all nonsupervisory employees;
    • Train new hires within six months of their start date;
    • Train employees within six months of their promotion to supervisory positions; and
    • Retrain all supervisors and non-supervisory employees every two years.

    Importantly, the training requirement applies to temporary and seasonal employees, who must complete sexual harassment prevention training within 30 calendar days or 100 hours if they will work less than six months. 

    Traliant’s Preventing Workplace Harassment course complies with California’s training requirements.

    The web-based, interactive training is available in three versions:

    • Advanced: This 2-hour course should be used by California supervisors, supervisors in the City of Chicago (and supervisors outside of Chicago that supervise employees in Chicago), and all Connecticut employees, supervisors, and non-supervisors, the first time they train.
    • Extended: This 1-hour course should be used by non-supervisory employees in California and the City of Chicago.
    • Fundamentals: This 45-minute course should be used by both supervisors and non-supervisors in all other states.

    This comprehensive course includes information and practical guidance on anti-harassment laws, and covers all these topics and more:

    • What is harassment and what isn’t
    • Hostile work environment
    • Quid pro quo
    • Bullying or abusive conduct
    • How to report potential harassment
    • Identifying, understanding and preventing retaliation
    • Bystander intervention
    • Supervisors’ duties
    • Harassment in the context of remote or hybrid workplaces
    • Social media use and harassment
    • Workplace discrimination
    • Consequences of workplace discrimination and harassment
    • Consensual relationships at work


    *Disclaimer: This information should not be viewed as legal advice and is intended to provide general information on state laws, which are subject to change. Please consult your legal counsel for interpretation of the laws.

    Did you know? This course can earn you up to 2 hours of PDCs towards your SHRM recertification.