Creating a Privacy Program: Steps Legal, Compliance & HR Pros Can Take to Effectively Manage Consumer and Employee Information

Join this on-demand webinar led by Maria D’Avanzo, Chief Evangelist Officer at Traliant, to learn how to implement a comprehensive data privacy program to differentiate your business, build trust and stay compliant in today's privacy-conscious environment.

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    More than 80% of consumers say that the way an organization treats personal data is “indicative of how it views and respects its customers.” That belief has resulted in three quarters of consumers abandoning brands and products whom they do not trust with their data. In response to this growing distrust, numerous states and countries have passed data privacy laws to regulate how companies collect, use, share and protect sensitive consumer and employee information. 

    To avoid reputational damage, regulatory fines and personal lawsuits, it’s essential for companies to implement privacy policies, procedures and training across all organizations, operations and locations.  

    Join Maria D’Avanzo, Chief Evangelist Officer at Traliant, lawyer and former Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, for a 45-minute on-demand webinar explaining the steps companies can take to build an effective privacy program that safeguards customers’ trust and loyalty, complies with disparate privacy laws, and ensures the ethical and responsible collection, use and security of personal consumer and employee information. By sharing the steps to creating a culture of privacy, Maria provides insights for strengthening internal procedures and policies for the types of personal data companies collect, the purposes for which it is used and the legal and regulatory frameworks that apply. 

    The webinar covers:

    • Data collection and risks to data privacy 
    • Consumer and employee concerns about data collected and shared on them 
    • Safeguarding privacy and ensuring its ethical and responsible use  
    • Steps to creating an effective privacy program 
    • Setting policies and procedures for collecting, storing and using personal data 
    • Protecting customer trust: Creating transparency about data collection and use 
    • Complying with state and GDPR privacy laws 
    • Training employees on policies to ensure adherence 
    • Preventing, detecting and reporting data incidents 

    About the Speaker 

    Maria D’Avanzo, Chief Evangelist Officer at Traliant 

    About Traliant 

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