Navigating the Data Privacy Landscape

On-Demand Webinar

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    In today’s digital economy, data is increasing in value. Businesses must prioritize data privacy to build and maintain trust with their consumers, employees and stakeholders.

    Watch our insightful on-demand webinar that delves into the importance of data privacy regulation and its implications for businesses. John will examine the many privacy laws in the US and abroad and how to create privacy culture through an effective privacy program, internal procedures and training.

    The 60-minute on-demand will cover:

    • Processing personal data & privacy risks
    • Data privacy principles & subject rights
    • Data privacy legal landscape:
      • Over 160 countries have comprehensive data privacy laws (GDPR in the EEA)
      • 14 US states have a comprehensive data privacy law (CCPA in CA)
      • US federal sector specific privacy laws (FCRA, HIPAA, GLBA)
    • Financial, legal & reputational penalties for non-compliance
    • Impact of artificial intelligence on privacy
    • Steps to building an effective privacy program
    • Why training employees is important & required by law

    About the Speaker 

    John Brushwood, JD, Compliance Counsel at Traliant, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Chicago Law School. He has practiced data privacy, cybersecurity and AI governance at various law firms, including Griffin & Griffin in Washington DC.

    About Traliant

    Traliant combines in-house legal expertise with modern, emotionally engaging course design to redefine compliance, training experiences and services. It helps thousands of interactive organizations create a culture of ethics, inclusion and safety by addressing dozens of critical topics. Traliant’s innovative and interactive approach to learning can be easily customized into affordable and cost-effective solutions for clients to address their industry, branding, policies, risks and job-specific needs.

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